A South Florida Dominatrix and Mistress

Throughout my life, I have found power exchange to be very fascinating and very erotic to me, and I was always drawn to photos and videos of Mistresses with their submissives and wanted to be a part of that world. 


I’m the woman that will put my feet up on a man and rest them there, because it comes naturally. Your submission is what I crave. Your obedience. I will grin when you squirm tied to a table or on a cross when my whip cuts your back. I will ignore you while you are my foot stool, as I sip my coffee, but I will verbally taunt you while you are cleaning the dungeon.


I have a soft and personable demeanor with strict undertones, and I can be cruel, sadistic, sexy, and comedic, and compassionate and each situation brings out more or less of those parts of me. You can feel safe knowing you are in skilled and sane hands. I enjoy figuring out exactly what you are about, but then take it further as to incorporate the things I know will push your buttons and your limits.


Although I can be a very extreme Mistress for the heavier player, my number one concern for others is safety. I have taken years of classes, mentoring and had a lot of practice in order to learn how to conduct a wide variety of BDSM activities which pique my interests and to be able to perform them safely. I now teach classes on BDSM activities and BDSM psychology. 


Brand new to BDSM? I have been the first Mistress of many, and have made the process a very smooth and a very pleasant and fun one for many very scared and very nervous newbies.


I'm a very well mannered, well spoken, professional person who has a very normal life. I have a college education, ambitions and goals. You would probably never recognize me outside of the dungeon. I'm the girl next door that blends in with the crowd who knows she could stop an entire room with the right dress and the right shade of lipstick and heels if she wanted that kind of attention but has no need for it. I enjoy blending in. That is how I walk through the front doors of gorgeous beach houses in my sundress and through the lobbies of lavish hotels in my business suit, with a discrete suitcase full of rubber, leather, clamps and canes. My clientelle consists of everyone from janitors to CEOs, but the important thing is that I've been their Mistress for many years, and it's been that way for the simple fact that I'm an extremely skilled dominant woman that can turn them to submissive putty in my hands and I can slip out of their hotel quietly and discretely and blend back in with the crowd. Or they know I am inviting them to a quiet, clean, equipped and discrete dungeon where their privacy is the utmost importance. 







MISTRESS MICHELLE LACY, South Florida Dominatrix



I’m a very personable dominant woman. I smile. I ENJOY MYSELF. I might even make you laugh. I don’t believe in yelling. I’m easy to talk to. But don’t ever forget that once I begin, you are mine, my thirst for play will take over, and I will begin to push you, and test you and toy with you. I will stare at you like you are my property, the way a hungry lion stares at her prey. Where only moments ago, I was once listening to you talk , now I might not allow you to speak. I will begin to slowly get inside your head until you know your place. I am a sadist. I want to see how much you can take. I want you to suffer and I want to break you until you beg and beg for me to stop.  You don’t have to be into pain to see me at all. I see many who are not masochistic.


You will submit.
 I enjoy men who fully give themselves over to me, and that means I also enjoy finding endless creative and sadistic ways to inflict pain and make them feel helpless and vulnerable. Because of that, I’ve acquired many skills and interests from a large spectrum of BDSM play. I’m always learning new things, I’m spontaneous and full of surprises.
You will give yourself over to me as my pet, my slave, my captive, my toy, my slut, whatever role best defines you, it will be one of submission and the rest is up to me.
I also see masochists who are not submissive and that’s ok.  Giving your body to me like a blank canvas is the best gift you can give me.
I also play with men who are solely fetishists. I love dangling in front of you what you want most, and seeing the look in your eyes when you finally are allowed to have it, to indulge in it like my sexy high arched size 8 feet or allowing you the privilege of lubing and shining my latex catsuit or feeling my leather gloves. 
I respect all limits, but I will push them. I’m patient and I will start out slowly with beginners.  If you are a heavy seasoned player and like a Mistress who can rip into you verbally or physically with no safe words and little limitations, I am delighted.
There’s a wonderful balance of “sensual and strict” in my sessions and I know just when to waver between the 2 sides. I like getting into your head, and seeing which buttons to push and what they do. Find what makes you weak in the knees. Find what makes you bend over backwards.
Slave training is one of my favorite things, as slaves come in all forms; masochistic slaves, service-oriented, and sissy slut slaves. All of them want to please me, belong to me, and make me happy be it through suffering, through humiliation, through degradation, or through control over their very manhood through a custom chastity device designed to never come off without the key. They all yearn to be trained to make me happy. It’s all total power exchange. Sadism comes in many forms, not just physical, but mental.
I am very skilled in the following:


Corporal punishment; from floggers to canes to many types of whips including bullwhips, and any other impact play. Light without leaving marks for beginners or the concerned, to the most vicious bloody scenes for the heaviest masochists who travel from overseas to feel my whips and suffer at my hands. 

OTK and Domestic discipline expert: Many forms of spanking positions, good old wooden hair brush, bath brush, dangling you off of high stools making you feel like a little punished boy, barber straps, belts, yard sticks, and a classroom setup (NY only).

Branding: Permanent Branding and semi-permanent. 
CBT: from bondage to weights sounding to piercing and cutting.

Medical play: dental gags, saline infusions, catheters, and so much more.

Edge Play: Knives, Piercing and Cutting

Slut training: turning men into whores since 2006.

Electro: Violet Wand. E-Stim, TENS unit.

Cross-dressing, professional makeup sold for use by TV’s.

Inescapable bondage, and predicament bondage

Head Games, Psycho-drama





Human ashtray

Slave training/ protocol.

Foot/boot/stocking worship

Chastity play


Breath play

Sensory Deprivation


I also love role-playing. It can be a blast with the right person. I love the little world we can create and escape to, and I have so many costumes from Roman Goddess to school teacher to Catwoman and so much more. Just please no elaborate scripts. I prefer a premise we can take and run with. I am a Mistress, not a puppet. 


I enjoy sessions that are adventurous. I like doing things in public, outings, weekend-long advenures with Mistress friends and slaves.
I sometimes engage in things that are taboo, extreme, and forbidden. Sometimes that demon needs to be fed.
If you are unsure if I do your activity, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

 Or I might be able to point you in the right direction otherwise.
What I do not do:
 I do not allow pussy worship, ass worship or anything of that nature. There are no hand jobs, sex or prostate massages.

I’m not a prude, stuck-up or “too good” and I have no hatred for other women who do those activities. You are not the unique and special person I am going to do those things with. 
What you can expect from me: Discretion. Professionalism. Someone who seeks to get into your head, and plant herself there upon a pillar. 




For as long as I can remember, I've been into certain wardrobe fetishes especially leather heels, corsets and boots and attracted to what isn’t considered conventional. BDSM was always an interest, although I didn't fully understand it in the beginning. 

Stories and movies which included a female-run society with male slaves or workers were always very fascinating to me. Sadistic acts, feelings of helplessness, were not only interests but also big turn-ons. 


I began in 2006 and wanted to see what the world of Pro Domination was all about. I began my journey at Le Salon De Sade in midtown Manhattan. It was there that I met skilled and like-minded women and I finally felt I wasn’t alone.


It wasn’t long before I proved myself to be dedicated and truly interested in kink and it was then, the more experienced Dommes took me under their wing and taught me whip work, cbt and everything they could about BDSM. Their teachings fed the fire inside me that burned and I was an unstoppable force, sponging up knowledge everywhere I could and trying every type of appointment I could. I wanted to learn, wanted to meet people, wanted to play with any skills I newly acquired.


Le Salon De Sade treated us with a lot of respect. We were in charge of what we wanted to do, we made our own schedules, we were encouraged to better ourselves, and to also seek out our own clients. While other dungeons might have been larger, some Dommes felt more like prisoners and you could not beat going to work and feeling like a Dominatrix and treated as such. We were a family there and we played hard.

Le Salon De Sade also allowed us to work independently outside of the dungeon which helped me learn and grow at a much faster rate than being just a house Mistress alone. 

 NYC was a booming place, Manhattan was filled with businessman from overseas, and very naughty locals. There were always so many new faces and new experiences. There were late nights at famous hotels, and I will never forget such wild times at the Waldorf Astoria, the Four Seasons and other swanky places. I was one of many Dommes dressed in a skirt, a blazer or button down blouse, black pumps, sunglasses, red lips, with a secret suitcase full of naughty implements being whisked off uptown, downtown, everywhere a taxicab could take me. The city never slept, and neither did we.


Sadly in 2008, the economy crashed, and dungeons became under scrutiny of the law. Things took a very long time to recover. Without appointments, many Dommes felt lost and quit the business. You had to sink or swim. I chose to do one better, to build a pirate ship and conquer the seas.

With an arsenal of BDSM equipment, wardrobe and ambition, I traveled, and met new subs. I became friends with Mistresses who were like me and loved what they did. Between my beloved regular dungeon clients back in midtown, and my new regular subs outside of the dungeon in Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, NJ and CT, men could see my lust for control and it didn’t take long before I was at the top of my game, a very busy and in-demand Mistress.

People enjoyed being with someone who loved what she did, and I would go out of my way to make appointments wild, memorable, help people through issues, push people to new heights, or just was an overall bad girl forcing them to do anything that pleased me.


Over time I aquired a large arsenal of BDSM toys, furniture and began to build my own private playground. I believed a dungeon should have wall mirrors, mood-lighting and good quality padded leather furniture. I believed dungeons should have slave cages, jail cells. I believed they should be quiet, climate-controlled and very well equipped. 
In 2012 I finished building the Hideaway, my own 2 room fully equipped private dungeon In Long Island, NY and have already had so many incredible memories and parties here as well as Dominatrix training seminars.


In 2017 I acquired a 2,800 sq ft private studio in South Florida, with multiple rooms, private parking and a seemingly endless amount of toys, gear, furniture and session possibilities.  
I teach classes on BDSM, on Pro Domination,  and techniques and some of my students have gone off to become very successful. I teach seminars for the lifestyle community. I like giving back to the BDSM world that has given me so much.
 I still return to NY often to play in the Hideaway.