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Play is not ever limited to take place solely within the dungeon walls. Kink can happen anywhere. You can become a service- oriented slave, serving a Mistress in paradise. How about escaping the stress of a long work trip and slipping into tight bondage at the end of each stressful day? The sky is the limit when it’ comes to the many ways in which you can submit to me for extended periods of time, in carefully chosen locations. Below are some really common examples, but they are by no means the only methods. 

Work Trip Kink- You were chosen to go to Los Angeles next month for a week of boring and stressful business matters. Dreading this, you long for an escape, something to take your mind off of the stressful meetings, something therapeutic. Luckily, you figure out that I am also free that week and would happily fly in to give you nights of delicious submission during your trip. Imagine only having to walk across the hall or upstairs to my room in the same hotel where I am waiting to put you into confining and cathartic bondage and sensory deprivation.  Each night, a different experience is curated by me, for you to look forward to. That will definitely get anyone through a rough work trip!

Slavery in Paradise- Needing to get away from it all, you crave to learn what it means to be the controlled and obedient slave to a dominant woman. Why not serve a dominant woman while on vacation? You are given rules and procedures ahead of time, all of my expectations of you are laid out. Once you are in my presence, you are all mine. You are at my heels, at my beck and call for the entire experience. I keep you locked in a chastity device and behind closed doors you are collared. You are expected to report to my room at specific times for servitude, and accompany me as my completely servant to the pool, beach and restaurants so I can make good use of you. Interested in serving multiple Mistresses? I have so many wonderful Mistress friends to join me, who you can also serve. Perhaps I'll make you go zip-lining in a butt plug.



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