Not just a professional dominatrix, but a lifestyle Mistress with a lust for adventure, I never limit

appointments and experiences to taking place within the walls of a dungeon. A spanking bench and a suspension hoist are absolutely fun dungeon features but an appointment isn't actually JUST toys and dungeon furniture. Those are just props. 

An appointment is me getting inside your mind and bending you to my will. It's my words. It's how I get you to forget the outside world and make you mine. Kinky toys and a dungeon do not mean anything if I cannot get inside your head and we don't have a connection. That being said, appointments can actually be done safely and discreetly ANYWHERE. Why stop an experience in 2 hours when it can linger and last for a weekend? Or a week? 

Very often, I am engaging with my subs outside of the dungeon in scenes which take place elsewhere. Where you may wonder? Beachfront resorts. Beautiful homes. International trips. While I do often partake in fun multiple day scenes at my dungeon which are very kinky, and while my dungeon does have domestic areas (living room, kitchen), sometimes a dungeon isn't the right setting for every appointment either. People sometimes wish to get into a fantasy which would be more suited for a purely domestic environment (a house). This doesn't mean that I cannot pack kinky toys if they are needed, nor does it mean I can't have some kinky furniture items which disassembles brought to the location in the back of a car if they are needed! (I can actually bring my 6'x3'x3' cage to most locations I can drive to, as the entire thing collapses in 2 pieces). 


What kinds of fun can be had in a multiple-day experience outside of the dungeon? Imagine being on vacation but kept locked in chastity and kept in service to a Mistress for a weekend or a week. Imagine having to report to her for kinky fun, at specific timeframes in the privacy of the resort hotel room. Work meetings? Imagine coming back from them and having to strip and crawl over to me and obey me for the rest of the evening. Imagine being tied up (very safely) and made to sniff my worn panties while I am out by the pool. Imagine the honor of rubbing my feet on the beach. Imagine having to go to dinner with me plugged, in chastity and with nipple clamps on, or remote control devices silently tormenting you that no one can see or hear. 

I actually do these types of appointments very often. My subs are completely at ease knowing that they are spending time with someone who is an utmost professional, with both of our best interests at heart, someone who can blend-in and not draw unwanted attention whatsoever. I am incredibly good at keeping our fun at a very safe and very private level where no one would ever know, and if you DO enjoy the thrill of doing some activities publicly, I am an expert of keeping things subtle enough where people may peek over for a second, but didn't see something alarming enough to bother them. (Just because I am a dominatrix, doesn't mean I enjoy unwanted attention or wish to have strangers snapping photos of what I am doing or calling security. I have just as much to lose as you do). I am also very good at pretending I just met a sub at the resort at the hotel bar and we decided to have dinner together, should a co-worker bump into us on a work-related excursion. I am also just as good as pretending that we struck up a convo and saying how lovely it was to meet you, and to have a good time at the resort and walk away, if that is preferred. 

Activities I have commonly done:

-kept a sub in chastity

-kept a service-oriented slave in service to me throughout the time period. 

-had dedicated time-frames for kinky play throughout the time period.

-went to meals or functions with the sub having kinky things