Frequently Asked Questions and Comments

Q: Your website has a vast amount of information on it and you tend to explain things quite deeply. 

A: Professional BDSM to even an experienced person can be scary. There is a large amount of information that even an experienced person does not know. This information is very helpful to them for a variety of reasons. The more informed someone is before they see me about my own preferences and practices, as well as the practice of this profession as a whole, the better off I will be, and the better supplicate YOU will be. I often think how terrible it is that more websites lack very important and very useful information for others, and how this does not help with making this industry and lifestyle a better place. We should be progressing, sharing knowledge, moving forwards. 

Q: How long does it take you to reply to a session email or form? What if I do not hear back?


A: I try to reply within a few hours and sometimes I reply right away. If it takes longer, it is usually because I am preoccupied and will get to it as soon as possible. I may also have to check a few things with my schedule before I can give you an answer to your appointment request. Sometimes I am waiting to hear back from your references.  If I see that appointments are being requested to take place very soon, I tend to answer those first. The only time I ignore an email is if it is written as if someone is very drunk where it is sloppy and does not make sense. Otherwise, every inquiry gets a response. If you do not hear from me, it is because for some reason, the email or message did not make it to me. If its a session you need to happen soon, wait 24 hours and ask again. If it's for something in the future, give it 24-48 hours. 


Q: Can you recommend another Mistress if I cannot see you for a scheduling reason?


A: Usually I can. Unfortunately, not ever Mistress offers all of the same kinks as one another. I will recommend someone who I feel you would match up best with. If I can't, its best to wait. 


Q: Do you allow other Professional Mistresses to rent your dungeons?


A: Yes. I do allow this but only on a case by case basis. The Mistress would have to have a great reputation as it is risky to allow someone to rent space from you and I would rather not have the liability.  

Q: What is the "Order Of Indomitus?" I don't understand when it states "the old estate." Is that where you session? Is that a dungeon?

A: for over a decade had been the most popular female domination BDSM website and top selling clip store in the world. It was a ground-breaking company that inspired many other huge femdom video companies to form and launched the careers of many professional Mistresses. 

I frequently was hired to film for Clubdom and became great friends with the retired, legendary Mistress who owned the company. Clubdom owned a famous compound where they used to film their videos in total privacy. A home and barn on many private acres. Slaves pulling pony carts, outdoor whippings, all were uniquely filmed here. You never found outdoor privacy like they had on film for femdom videos, in the United States. I had been given the permission to do private sessions there for the adventurous sub who wanted the "Clubdom experience" and to hold my once per year slavery event "The Order Of Indomitus" there, among several other smaller private events that I have. Over time, I purchased the estate from the Mistress/ and now own the property so I can continue using the property to hold private adventurous slavery appointments, do pony play, and hold my weekend slavery events which are called "The Order Of Indomitus." ( Clubdom is still around but they are in their final years of filming content, and they still film at the location.

I am not regularly conducting appointments at that property, as it is very remote. My full-time, regular dungeon is Eden Studios in Delray Beach, Florida about an hour from there. Appointments at the Indomitus estate (the former estate) must be booked in advance and have a multiple hour minimum. See the LOCATIONS page for some imagery from the estate or check out the event website. 

Q: I see Mistresses in Florida charging less. Why do you charge on the higher side?

A: The short answer is because my vast experience, incredible reputation, skills, professionalism and top-notch facility and equipment command it. (Women of the same caliber in my industry also charge these rates).

Women are free to charge what they feel they are worth. You will see Mistresses charging lower for a few reasons. Every Mistress is new at some point and has to start somewhere and often rates reflect the fairness of what she is able to offer. Sometimes you will get lucky and find someone who is safe, sane and professional, just newer with less knowledge, less toys and a simple incall location and she can absolutely show you a great time. Unfortunately, that is rare. There is no license or school to become a dominatrix so different people have different experience levels despite being at this for the same amount of time and they have different ideas of what constitutes a professional and safe experience. Often when choosing to pay less, you will sacrifice quality in not one form, but several, between a clean and equipped studio, privacy, knowledge, and overall professionalism. To avoid this, someone should heavily research who they are considering going to see, in-depth over a period of time. 

12 years ago, I myself was a new Mistress, who only had a couple of years of experience under my belt. I had some toys, a very simple home dungeon in the works and a small wardrobe. I charged a lower rate than my accomplished legendary dominatrix idols to reflect the fairness regarding my expertise, toys and location. Women who were very experienced, well-reviewed, highly-knowledgable, highly-skilled with a top-of-the-line, fully-equipped facility (or at the very least, had a very polished and clean space that made sense to hold appointments in) were charging at least 30% more. It was VERY hard for me to be taken seriously because many other women with my experience level were very unprofessional and offering a very poor experience and I was a rarity, offering a great experience in a very professional manner for someone so young and new. I had to work extremely hard to prove myself and stand out.

Over the years, my rate changed to fairly reflect my experience, reputation and my brand. It was not long before the hard work paid off and I became a highly sought-out, in-demand young Mistress. Today, with more than 14 years in the industry full-time, a valuable amount of skills and knowledge, a large amount of success and accomplishments, hundreds of positive reviews, years of returning happy regulars visibly singing my praises on social media daily, a polished, equipped, state-of-the-art, private facility, a fetish wardrobe to die for, over 60k in BDSM equipment between 2 states, and a wicked, creative imagination from those years of experience and that knowledge, you are getting a top-notch experience from one of the best in the business. I have a deep understanding of what you are looking for, and not only are you in safe and professional hands, but I will also teach you things about yourself and your kinks that you never knew. My facility and all toys are cleaned with medical-grade cleaners, I have taken classes in preventing the spread of infectious diseases and I am CPR certified. I am very busy with a high volume of respectful, professional, clientele who do not for a minute think that my rates are too high or unfair. My rates reflect my professionalism and reputation and are the same rates of what Mistresses of my caliber in the industry charge and are not some made-up number with no basis. Some people are seeking a quick, simple, fun, kinky afternoon, and that's all well and good. I am all-for a quick and fun, kinky afternoon! Absolutely am! However, what I CAN provide for those who seek it, is something that goes much deeper and is more fulfilling than the person who just wants a fun afternoon. I provide an adventure. I provide an experience like no other. You can absolutely book a person who charges less for your fun, simple, afternoon and she hopefully can handle what you are seeking. However if you are seeking MUCH more, a $400 quality experience is always better than a $300 mistake. My reputation more than speaks for itself. I have a higher same-day session rate, and you would assume that no one pays it and everyone books in advance. Most people do book in advance which makes things easier on me to plan, but a surprising amount of my regulars book me same-day, and pay the same-day rate, and tip on top of it! They know they are getting a high quality fun experience with the right person, in the right place and it's worth it. 

Q: Do you turn down appointment requests?

A: Sometimes I do. If the person contacting me seems drunk, high or mentally off in some way, I do not bother. I frequently turn down people who wish to play unsafely, especially in terms of the health concerns and limitations they have. I can play heavy and hard but not unsafe, there is a difference. You can play heavy and hard with people who are healthy and able to handle such activity but often people with serious health concerns request appointments that would be very unsafe for them, or even request appointments that would be very unsafe for even a healthy person! 

I am a very private person. I expect the same respect and discretion in return that I offer my own play partners and if I feel someone is behaving in a way that would endanger me, I do not bother. I also do not see people who request appointments I do not overall want to do, and I do not see people a second time who have been disrespectful in any way and I can afford to be choosy due to my success. 

Q: I am scared of germs. Is your studio clean?

A: All surfaces of my studio and toys are cleaned with chemical medical-grade cleaners which kill things such as HIV, COVID-19 and MRSA as well as anti-fungal cleaners. I took classes in the prevention of the spread of infectious diseases and also how to treat different surfaces and types of materials for sterilization. Because of this, I also take the time to treat surfaces and my toys in ways which prevent the growth of bacteria (for example, dildos and plugs are kept powdered when not in use, so they are bone-dry since porous silicone toys can hold moisture and breed bacteria) and despite being so intensely disinfected, I do not use the same toys on certain people within a certain time frame to ensure certain dangerous viruses have died, should there ever be a presence of it. Any insertable items are also always covered with a condom for good measure. Many people in the kinky scene are using disinfecting wipes to clean their surfaces and toys, which do not kill the potentially dangerous or deadly diseases that you can catch, and then go right ahead and use those toys for the next appointment. (If you are concerned about this, always ask a potential Mistress what she cleans her toys with. She should happily answer with the names of medical-grade cleaners and not chlorox wipes or spray alcohol for all items). When I travel on tour, I pack not one, but 2 toy suitcases with more than enough extra toys and zip-lock bags. This is to keep toys that were used on people isolated after being sterilized, so I can give them the proper time to ensure nothing has survived. I also encourage people to bring their own toys if that makes them feel better and I teach them proper ways to keep their own toys clean. Rope is not wiped with a disinfecting wipe and thrown aside, but soaked in disinfectant and thoroughly dried after washing. In a messy situation, rope is simply tossed in the trash. CBT rope is always new, cut from a spool. There are more examples. 

Q: What is your favorite activity? What do you dislike?

A: So many people ask me this and while some women will exclaim that what turns them on is whatever the sub asking has a kink for, I am going to be honest. (This not only goes for myself, but most, if not, all Mistresses that I know). For the most part, my fun, enjoyment and eroticism comes directly from the personality of the person I am playing with, mixed with kinks that I offer on my website. Its not the specific kinks but the person himself that makes or breaks my time with them. A person can make an activity I love, into something I am not having a good time with and something I mildly enjoy into something I love. Appointments are largely and most importantly based on 2 people having great chemistry together and everything else is secondary and will fall into place. If I am not having good chemistry with you, then I will not enjoy anything I am doing, even if I am doing all the kinks I love. 

For example, in the beginning of my exploration, I assumed that only slavery and corporal punishment turned me on. Over time, I quickly realized that sometimes you meet people who are into the kinks you like, but their poor personality, rudeness, topping from the bottom, or horrific hygiene can cause you to have the worst time with them, regardless of the kink being something you enjoy or that turns you on. So despite me spending the afternoon turned on and having fun, I spent it just being professional and getting through this appointment with someone who I may or may not see a second time. 

At the same time, someone with a good personality, with good hygiene can make me become very turned-on by, and very much enjoy a kink I never thought I would enjoy. Sissy play was something that for a while I thought was entertaining but could never be a turn-on, until I was playing with the right people who made me deeply enjoy it in ways I never expected. I started to become more and more into bondage when I started finding very fun bondage play partners who inspired me to get into it further and find new ways of rendering someone helpless and watching them squirm. Domestic discipline which used to just be enjoyable and entertaining but not necessarily a turn-on, has become a turn-on by playing with enthusiastic people. I have found that I have enjoyed a lot more kinks in a lot deeper ways than I imagined and that is because of meeting the right people who have shown me how fun and erotic these activities can truly be. There are kinky activities which I do not do at all because I have found them not to be enjoyable regardless of who I am playing with and how wonderful of a person they are. Adult baby play is one of those kinks I do not enjoy at all but I can recommend someone for this type of experience who does love it. So while I used to say slave training and corporal punishment, thats not the case in every situation. I am so happy and turned-on by a variety of play with the right people. 

Q: I'm very nervous about hygiene. What to you, means that someone has good hygiene? How do I prep to see you?

A: I can tell when someone has made an effort to be clean and smell nice and someone who hasn't. Thankfully, I never have to deal with people who have bad hygiene since the people who see me are usually intelligent professionals with manners. Unfortunately, back in the commercial dungeon days, I regularly dealt with this problem. 

-Take a shower before arriving or ask me if you can arrive early to take one at the dungeon. I have not one, but two bathrooms for you to clean-up in before an appointment if you can't at home. That is actually the entire point of a Mistress making sure a dungeon has a shower at all. We literally look hard for studio locations with showers for this reason. 

Usually people who have very far travel to the studio or are coming from work, will come early and shower and I am so glad. It's not putting me out at all. I can finish setting up while you take your time to be clean for me. This makes me a happy Mistress. I have towels and everything you need. Showering 8 hours ago, doesn't count. 

-Brush your teeth and your tongue and floss. You will be breathing 2 inches away from me, and heavily. Think about it. Poor dental hygiene is usually the only bad hygiene I still have to deal with. If you cannot visit a dentist, buy a ten dollar dental tool kit and clean your own teeth. Carefully chip off plaque and very gently clean in between and deep into your gums. You will not believe what a difference it makes to do this once a month and for those who are terrified of the dentist, this will be perfect since you are in control and doing this at your own pace. I have mouthwash, individually packaged tooth brushes (toss or take it home after) and tooth paste in the dungeon bathrooms. 

-Do not wear cologne, as I will often be choking on it. Its not needed. Remember, I am 2 inches away from you. If you forget to not wear it, it's ok. Just try not to. 

-You also do not need to wear a ton of hairspray or gel for me. I am absolutely going to mess up your hair anyway. 

-deodorant is a great idea. 

-Wash your feet. So many people do not. You will be bent over on a bench or laying on a table. Guess where your feet will be?

-body hair does not gross me out, it's hair. If it is clean, that's what matters. Trimming or shaving pubic hair for cbt and anal play is important because it will snag and create a lot of friction and discomfort. If you cannot because of religious reasons, just be clean. I will work with you. 

-Enema for anal play. If you are unsure of how, google or ask. I can also do it for you or you can arrive early to do it on your own. I have enemas of many types. If you are a little dirty during play, it's fine, just go in the bathroom and do 1 more, I will not be unhappy. I am unhappy when there has been no effort made at all. 

-You do not need to dress up very nice to see me. I am just as happy seeing what band T-shirts you own, as I would be if you arrived in a suit. 

Q: Does my session turn you on? What does?

A: Real estate investments. Aston Martins. Having sex in bodies of water.

In all seriousness, a lot of things I do turn me on and sometimes unexpectedly. A lot of things I do, do not turn me on but this does not mean I am by any means unhappy and not having the time of my life. There is an enormous misconception by men who book us that we HAVE to be turned on by what is happening (because they are viewing the appointment only as erotic and don't get how it can not be to anyone else involved in it). Every time a man assumes this, there is a dominatrix rolling their eyes because this man truly does not understand the core of why we are doing this. A man who is only doing a session because it turns them on and for no other reason, unfortunately does not get the deeper satisfaction that kink brings to the other people who are participating in that act with them. 

Its not about what turns us on. It's about what we are being entertained by and having fun with. Only through having fun and being entertained can we then have the bonus of sometimes becoming turned-on. If we were turned-on by everything we did and everyone we saw, then we would be turned on by men of all ages, all ethnicities, all religions, all colors of or lack of hair, all hair styles, all eye colors, all personalities, all levels of hygiene, all political backgrounds, all body types, all heights, and every single kink in the entire universe. Does that even make any sense to you? NO, it definitely does not. Think about something that is thrilling and a lot of fun that you enjoy doing. Would you stop doing that because it didn't give you constant boners? Of course you wouldn't. 

We enjoy what we do from an entertaining stand-point and from a deeply-satisfying psychological stand-point and sometimes, from the erotic thrill of it. We also love teaching people about themselves and their kinks and exploring these kinks and reaching goals because that rewarding feeling is incredible and addicting. Being turned-on nonstop is not why we are here, nor is it even realistic to believe that. I will not play into the lie that some women play into where everything they do is a turn-on because I like seeing men who are in touch with reality. It makes for a more realistic and more deeply enjoyable experience that way. I am here to have a real experience with you, not a faked one. 

Q: Do you tell your clients when you are turned on?


A: I don't always do this. If I feel that it in some way will torment my submissive further to know this, then yes. Chastity play comes to mind. A reason I do not often vocalize it and keep it to myself is because it gives men the wrong idea. In my younger years when I was new, I found it made men now think that I want them to sexually satisfy me and sexually engage with me, or that we can go on a date. Some have even thought that was an open invitation to start putting their hands or mouths where they do not belong. Lesson learned. So if it doesn't make any sense for me to do so, its not something that I discuss. 


Q: Am I allowed to touch you?


A: I only allow myself to be touched on my feet and legs with permission. If we have established trust, I sometimes have my slaves give me a massage but I never allow anyone to touch my genitalia, ass or breasts and doing so will cause you to be kicked out and banned from seeing me for play forever. I am only to be treated with respect, just like all human beings deserve to be treated. 


Q: Why do you not have a set weekly schedule?


A: I have tried this in South Florida but it does not work. Half of the people I see are not local to here and they come into town at the most random times. So while locals may in fact be able to somewhat see me only during certain days and times of the week, if wouldn't work for some other locals and wouldn't work for half of my non-local business. I cannot live at my dungeon 7 days per week, so that is why appointments are booked in advance, so I can see what my week looks like and I know when I am going to be at the dungeon and when I am not so I can plan my life. 


Q: What are you most known for in the Pro Domme Industry? What sets you apart?

A: I am most known for my creativity, largely ambitious nature and professionalism. 

Creativity: I love pushing the envelope of what is possible and thinking outside of the box when doing so. I dislike my experiences to feel cookie-cutter-like and the same copy and paste experience over and over again, and encourage growth and diversity to open people's minds and see what is out there and what they are capable of. I take the time to prep for experiences so I can create some that are really unique and incredibly effective at blowing people's minds. I get a thrill out of this. This has lead me to create wonderful female domination events and parties that are unique, and long, wild sessions that feel like an erotic adventure and not a basic dungeon experience. This has been everything from kinky, erotic scavenger hunts filled with voyeurism and tease and denial, several days of slavery and sissy training which get more and more involved each day with surprises, to abduction scenes, intense military camp experiences, to being bound with pre-recorded audio and video stimulation to "reprogram your mind" while the feeling of latex slips over them as they feel themselves becoming a rubber doll. So much more than this has happened but these are just a few examples. 

Large Ambitions: I have not only created creative session experiences, but I have created incredible parties and events, which are now legendary.,, and my new event called THE HUNT (website coming soon) are all experiences which have been not only well-received but absolutely mind-blowing for even the Mistresses who have attended. I create worlds that are so largely epic, the Mistresses are also lost in them, along with the submissives and that is what makes it special. Fire initiations, field whippings and pony cart races, lavish mansions and incredibly adorable sissy parties with fun unique games have all taught people to let go and be their true selves in a wild, safe and accepting environment. I have brought a lot of great people together and when the Indomitus estate was going to be sold and events were going to come to an end, I spent all of my time and energy and weeks of sleepless nights until I found a way to purchase it to keep the dream alive. As long as it is safe, sane and consensual, there should be no limits to what we can all do. I have also been the first Mistress in the industry to have ever taught classes online to other Mistresses in the community and have inspired now dozens of Mistresses who are now doing so. When there were no equipped and private dungeons in the state of Florida to rent space from, I had to work extremely hard to have my own for the sake of my business and reputation. I managed to finally have my own owned private large studio in 2017 after blood sweat and tears. I dislike being told that things are impossible when they have not been carefully thought-out and attempted. 

Professionalism: You will never hear or read about me running off with someone's deposit, outing a client, not showing up for an appointment, being late, or harming anyone in any way. Why? Because it's never happened, and it never will. I never understood why everyone did not treat this business with the same professionalism as you would treat any business, if not, even more so, as you are often dealing with people's deep emotions and their very lives are in your hands. I'm known for spending too much time talking to people I have never met about session advice, solving problems, dealing with trauma from bad experiences they had with others, and generally helping people with finding their way. You will find some of my regulars on twitter who regularly are interacting with me and others, who you can tell if you read back far enough, have been my regulars for a large number of years. You can from time to time if you watch closely, see comments in discussions from people who are not local regulars but have managed to see me in the past and will mention great times we have had. Photos of very extreme play in sessions are posted often with the submissive chiming in, sharing how amazing of a time that was. This makes people feel safe. I also have an enormously positive reputation in the NY community where people have known me for a large number of years. This has given me a great reputation as being a safe and sane person. When Mistresses have subs who are heading to Florida, I am often recommended for appointments. I have been recommended by a top NY Mistress to be chosen to host and perform for famous photographer Stephen Klein's Fetish exhibition in Miami in front of thousands of people. While I may not always agree with other women in my industry on their views and practices, I always treat other women with respect.


Q: What is the evolution of your interests and skills? Have you always done all of these different types of play?

A: I have not always done all of these types of play because many of these types of play that I do now take a lot of skill that I had to learn and some of the things I do involve expensive equipment that I did not own many years ago. I started in a commercial dungeon in NYC. Slave training, sissification, slut training, roleplays and uncommon fetishes (sneezing, fainting, and more) and common fetishes (foot, boot, heel, stockings, leather, latex, sneakers, scent, smoking) and domestic discipline made up a large amount of what I did. I did not have the time or outlet to learn bondage skills at that time and did a lot of mummification in my younger years. Domestic discipline and corporal punishment was something I excelled at. Having men over my knee for a hard bare-handed spanking was a weekly occurrence as was having a slave at the end of my bullwhip. That was when I first started to experience men who needed hard beatings for emotional release, and regular maintenance spankings or beatings. 

My commercial dungeon did not have many toys and definitely did not have any expensive or elaborate gear, so I did not get to experience things such as heavy sensory hoods, sleep sacks and suspension suits until much later. I found the things that I enjoyed and the things that I did not enjoy and when I went out on my own, I only wanted to do the things that I enjoyed. 

Over time, I purchased a lot of bondage gear, because after having hundreds of paddles, hair brushes, whips, canes and floggers etc and other gear that satisfied other play that I did, bondage just has a never ending amount of fun new items available that I could not afford until then. After years of being deprived of it, I was finally playing with intense bondage. When I moved to Florida, I was the only Mistress here who did heavy bondage and had the gear for it. So while I still offered all of the other fun types of appointments, bondage became the most requested activity down here for me. I still have a lot of die-hard domestic discipline and corporal punishment subs in the North East who still see me for their intense discipline.

Most of my requested play is focused around slave/sissy training, bondage, domestic discipline, corporal, cbt/nt, heavy leather and rubber scenes, medical play toilet slavery and that is largely I have skills for those types of play. I also have incredible feet but took a lot of my feet imagery down for years because I had too many foot sessions and did not want to just be know for feet. 

Q: If a client cancels or no-shows, do you ever give them a second chance?


A: I take a deposit for every appointment in the chance that someone has to cancel. The reason they cancel is not important. Life happens. Sometimes you have car trouble and sometimes you wake up sick or you start having such bad anxiety about an appointment that you cannot go through with it at all. Regardless, I do not have to know the reason because it may not be any of my business, as long as I am told as soon as someone is able to tell me that they are not making it, it's fine. I have a 2 hour confirmation call that is mandatory. If the call is not received, I do not leave to go to the dungeon at all. So this prevents people from no-showing on me later as if they are going to not show, they don't make the call anyway. My time is not wasted.

If someone does not show up and I never hear from them at all, I will give them a second chance. Fear does some intense things to people and can make people no-show with no cancellation notice and despite it being a bit rude, I do understand. I will make a note of it and I might make someone check in with me a couple of times next time to ensure we are still on board. I am never mad. Everyone reacts to fear differently and being afraid is normal. 

Q: How long of an appointment do you recommend for a first-timer?

A: I recommend 2 hours. Despite chatting a lot before the appointment to make sure the person is comfortable before we begin, the appointment goes by very fast. Faster than you think. An hour is not enough. By the time you fully relax and start truly enjoying it, it's over. Sometimes activities a newbie thinks are quick take longer than they anticipate. Not only does it take time to tie up someone, but it takes time to untie them as well. Putting makeup on a cross-dresser takes time too. You don't want to rush something so special. 2 hours is perfect. 3 if you have it in your budget, but if not, definitely 2. Only book a 1 hour session if you are into one simplistic kink such as worshipping feet for example, or just receiving a spanking and corner time. 

Q: Do you mentor women to become professional Mistresses?

A: On a very rare occasion, I do mentor a Mistress. Unfortunately almost all of the women who contact me do not offer, or ask what they can offer, to compensate me for this mentorship. Most men who "know a woman" and want me to mentor them, also do not understand that mentorship is a long and thankless process. You are asking me to teach 14 years of valuable knowledge, and spend a thousand or more hours teaching you for 1 to 2 years depending on the time you have, and for nothing in return? Expecting me to do that for nothing in return for a stranger is very unfair. Becoming a dominatrix does not just happen overnight, like most people assume that it does. Some women sit in on a few sessions at a commercial studio and then become Mistresses but that is not as effective as being taught by a reputable professional. If you are taught a little bit in a short time and start taking appointments, you do not go very far in terms of your success. Most people who own commercial dungeons with a staff of Mistresses unfortunately know very little about the industry between business, skills, safety and BDSM and do not teach those important lessons to their staff. Some have no BDSM experience, and some only have limited lifestyle BDSM experience and have ever been a pro themselves engaging in different kinks with different people and solving different problems. 

This is the difference between having only clients you adore playing with, and burning yourself out with largely annoying ones. It's the difference between making a small salary and a salary you never thought would ever be possible.  It's also the difference between getting into life-ruining/altering legal trouble because the commercial dungeon owner does not care or does not understand laws that pertain to their business. I actually reached out to a young woman who was trying to run a commercial studio to tell her that her business practices can and will have her and her staff arrested and while the advice was shocking for her to hear, she changed her entire business structure to make sure they were safe. Unfortunately, this is common. 

So the fact that a person cannot understand why the investment in giving back to the person mentoring them to be safe and successful will be more than worth it, or the fact that there should BE an investment, is unfortunate. 

Many assume that the reward for me is that the trained Mistress will now rent my studio facility which gives me income, but the truth is that pro BDSM is way more involved than most people expect it to be, and after a lot of teaching, many decide to not take this path at all. If you wish to be mentored, do contact me with a well-written email regarding why you feel you would be a good candidate for me to mentor you. Some women find it's easier depending on their location, to just pay me for a series of 1 on 1 classes.