There are SO many kinky things I do here in the sunshine state, from sessions to personal slavery on a retainer, femdom parties, and

weekend slavery events. 


I encourage you to read all of this information as it will help you find out what you looking for.

If still curious, I encourage you to browse through the whole website, as I travel, have a blog, and am involved in many exciting FEMDOM projects. 


You can find out about my session interests and what I do not provide on my ABOUT page. 

(Do not email me asking questions that are answered on this page, it wastes so much of my time and yours). 


Keep in mind, I TRAVEL OFTEN and sometimes am not here. It's best to check my SCHEDULE page for upcoming travel. 


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For my session interests, about ME, and things I do not do, read my



All appointments are to be booked the day prior. Same-day sessions are difficult as I am an independent Mistress, not a newbie sitting on a shift at a dungeon all day. My appointments take time to plan, and I am only getting ready and going to the studio for YOUR session. Under certain circumstances I may be able to see you same day, but know that same-day appointments can require an extra fee and this is especially true on weekends and Holidays. 

There are a lot of session possibilities in South Florida. Where do I begin? From the most private sessions to public humiliation sessions to double, triple and quadruple Domme sessions.... the list goes on! 


There are 4 options for LOCATIONS for sessions in South Florida:



I have a 2,800 square foot private dungeon that belongs to me and is only otherwise played in with select visiting Mistress friends on a case by case basis once in a blue moon. With multiple rooms packed with custom furniture, gear and toys, as well as a kitchen and patio, it is perfect for light domestic scenes to the most extreme BDSM player.  Clean, modern and sophisticated, this dungeon is a great place to play in and you can tell it was designed and is maintained by a professional. 

Location is extremely discreet and it has private parking should you require it. Should you find yourself in town for a few days and desire a place to rest your head that is a bit more interesting than your usual Hilton, this place is rentable by the night for an overnight guest, subject to me having appointments.. This means you have access to the private bedroom, like a hotel, or you may put yourself in and out of a cage at night but like a hotel, I am not there. 

Should you require overnight sessions, then that is of course, absolutely doable and you should read about the different scenes I offer on this site. 


I am one of the handful of world-wide Mistresses who has permission to use the estate where we hold the Order Of Indomitus slavery weekend, for personal sessions. Should you want to have your session on a private 5 acre estate complete with outdoor whippings, pony carts and living life as a Club Dom slave, then this is the option for you. Location is 35 minutes West from PBI airport. At this location, I hold Order Of Indomitus types of experiences for single slaves who do not wish to serve in a group and want to have a 1 on 1 experience. Pool bondage scenes are available here. Due to the location, I require a 3 hour minimum session booked at this facility. I can hold sessions here for up to a full week at a time.



Sometimes people are paranoid of going to a dungeon, even if the dungeon is very private and discreet. Or they want a more lavish environment. If neither of those locations will work for your session, I can get a hotel or rent a private residence, covered by YOU. Some slaves wish to serve and play in a Mansion on the beach or on the intracoastal or in a lavish sprawling hotel suite and we absolutely can do that depending on your budget and imagination. Certain dungeon furniture pieces can be discreetly brought there (especially though a garage if I rent a home) as I own a portable dungeon furniture that disassembles and my slave cages fold flat. You send the payment, I will book it in my name. 


CONFIRMATION CALL IS REQUIRED 2 hours before the start of the session.

No call, no session. 


If you have to cancel, do so immediately. I appreciate your professionalism and courtesy. 


You do not have to bring gifts to our session, but if you decide you would like to get something, a gift card to Home Depot or Starbucks is always appreciated. Or to 


Besides roleplay, fetish and BDSM sessions, I also enjoy shopping trips with submissives, spa days and being pampered.


Overnight sessions are available. 















I do routine slave training for select submissive gentlemen in South Florida on a regular basis. Learn how to become a perfect slave by learning protocol, "slave intuition" and more, in order to transition into a totally molded piece of flesh to serve and obey. 


You will make yourself available to me on a regular basis for training and servitude. 

You will show up showered and with good hygiene. 

You will not only serve me, but will serve Mistress friends when they visit.



Slave training/servitude is not priced the same as normal BDSM sessions. 

They are done in discounted weekly packages, or in super discounted monthly retainers. 


Let me know how much time you can dedicate to your servitude and we can go from there. 





Phone or webcam sessions are the perfect way to ease into a live session or get

to know me a bit better. 


You can call me on niteflirt, and I also do skype sessions through niteflirt and outside of niteflirt. 


One of my popular niteflirt lines: HERE 


Add me on skype: mistressmichellelacy




ORDER OF INDOMITUS, Ultimate Femdom Weekend



For those of you who have always wanted to experience a total world of slavery, similar to Prague's now closed Other World Kingdom, here is your chance to do it in total seclusion at a private estate in South Florida. 


Come to a place where you are stripped of the outside world and immediately made into a slave and taught how to serve top dominant women we honorably call "PRIESTESSES" from around the Country. 


Choose 1 or attend both evenings as our slave where you will be kept in a cage for the evening and used in the daytime for games, torments and anything we desire. There are pony cart races, slave hunts, and more. 


For more information and to apply as a slave, go HERE to the website. 


Private Overnight Servitude


Order of Indomitus Femdom Weekend might be too much for some submissives who are not ready for that level of servitude, or are looking for a more private way of serving me for a long length of time. 


Those of you who are seeking a more intimate time can book an overnight or weekend of servitude with myself, or with me AND my Mistress friends. 


Learn how to be a slave for me, and be my total pet for the entire time you are with me. Sleep overnight in a cage at my feet. Be the object of my torment for hours. Pamper me. Do as I say, I command you with a strict and devlish smirk. Be locked in chastity and fitted with fun remote control devices. 


While I dislike a slave having any choice in something, I am aware that different submissives are seeking different experiences from each other and there are budgets to work with.


Option 1: Delray Beach apartment slavery

For the submissive on a budget, I offer overnight slavery at a private Delray Beach apartment, complete with dungeon room and cage. Not fancy, but has all you need to serve me in a typical small home setting...a home that has a dungeon room that is. And a slave. And a MISTRESS! You will be trained to be my slave and do as I say for the entire evening, followed by a few hours of fun playtime and finally slumber in a cage. You leave after breakfast. 

One evening is a 12 hour period: 8pm-8am: $1,000.

Two evenings is a 36 hour period: 8pm on the first night, to 8am on the second morning: $2,000.


Option 2: BeachFront Hotel Paradise

For the submissive who wants to vacation AND be a slave while doing it! I will book a beachfront hotel here in South Florida and will bring my very large, (6ft by 3ft by 3ft) completely collapsible cage hidden in a large discrete carrying case, a small suitcase full of kinky toys and of course, beachwear! Spend a 24 hour period as my personal slave, putting lotion on me, getting me beverages, and being all mine. We can be very discrete, where no one would know anything naughty was ever happening, or we can be just a touch public, where other submissive men would know exactly what was going on (and be very jealous) and some other people would do a small double take. All expenses (hotel, food, etc) are covered by you, but if discretion is needed, I will get the hotel and you can reimburse me. Everyone might think we are on some sort of a nice vacation, but we will know you're my bitch. 


Rate: $1,200/every 24 hour period, plus food, hotel, etc. 


Option 3: Overnight Pool House Slavery

I have access to a private house with a pool and a dungeon 30 minutes west of the PBI airport. Come and serve me in total privacy both indoors and outdoors and sleep in a cage at the foot of my bed after I play with you in the dungeon. 



One evening is a 12 hour period: 8pm-8am: $1,500.

Additional time after the 12 hour time period is done by the hour at $80/hour and must be decided in advance. 


Option 4: Beach Mansion Slavery

For those of you who enjoy the finer things in life and want the same for your Mistress. Serve me in a $9,000 square foot marble floor 7 bedroom mansion complete with a secluded pool, dungeon furniture, and toys. Rub lotion on me at the beach. Find me sea shells. Serve me dinner while I walk around in my gorgeous gowns and high heels, sheer robes, and all of my fancy attire like the Goddess that I am.


This is a 4 night minumum and renting the beach mansion is higher on the weekends. 


4 nights, 5 days of slavery in total luxurious paradise

Weekdays: $6,000

Weekends: $8,000




ALL OVERNIGHT SESSIONS REQUIRE A 50% DEPOSIT immediately after booking and cannot be refunded. I do not post photos of the residences I rent or places I stay at, for discretion purposes. I can send you photos after a deposit is made, showing you are serious.