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Are you a devoted slave, or are you curious as to what the secret world of a real sadistic Mistress is actually like?

Take a peek into my online diary. Unlike most professional dominas, I am a Mistress when I leave the dungeon and go home. I have personal slaves, attend private BDSM parties and do some pretty wild things. A password will allow you beyond that door and into the secret world of Mistress Michelle Lacy, a world of sadism, a world of control.




Get your password for this month! 

Get your password for this month! 

What is in the diary?

-Access to my private writings about my personal wild, kinky adventures.


-Access to my kept slave's diary.


-Access to exclusive photos and videos, some too crazy to be seen or sold anywhere else. 


Confused? Read the FAQ at the bottom of this page.

Diary topics include: slave training, humiliation, degradation, toilet slavery, slut training, forced-bi, financial domination, extreme acts of sadism, personal thoughts and day to day life topics, private parties and events diary, exclusive photos and videos shown nowhere else. 

September 5, 2012

After a few emails, Slave J and I met at a nearby wine bar in Boynton Beach, FL. Slave J is 18 and interested in being a personal slave. Having never before served a Mistress but very eager and willing to, I decided since he was so young, it would be easy to train and bend him. There would be no bad habits from poor former training to break him from. He is my blank canvas and I will build him into exactly the slave I want him to be. He finds me in a black dress, and shiny black heels waiting there for him. I don't think Slave J has ever been to a wine bar. His eyes meet mine which is when I said...

March 15, 2013

.....I could not stand him anymore. I was trying to be nice because he was a friend of the wonderful people who invited me here. However his constant one-liners and crappy attempts at compliments were more than I could take. As people sipped expensive bubbly and wandered into dark corners, I decided I too, would take "S" into a dark corner of our own. Except he isn't getting the steamy sexual encounter he thinks he is. Far from it. I told him to get me more bubbly and meet me by the bar, as I grab my purse, the sadistic bitch inside me giggled at the thought of what was about.... 

April 22, 2013

"M" had no clue what it truly meant to give up control until he was sitting a my kitchen table last Sunday, newly locked up in his last Sunday chastity device. As he poured me more coffee, I laid out his many bills and bank statements on the table. Very nervous, he asked me many questions about it. I answered him, reassuring him that it was for his own good. Never again would he waste money on careless spending. His excessive drinking would be no more. His constant purchases of every new useless gadget would be no more. Everything he had would be controlled by his Mistress. It was all going to now go....

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I see the entire Diary?

You will have access to the entire diary, every post, from the beginning of the diary until ritght now, not just the current posts. 


Are payments reoccurring?

No. You are not signing up, becoming a member, you are not charged monthly. You only get what you pay for, for the month the password is good for. You can purchase more months of passwords in advance. July's password is only good for July, and you will have to buy August's password to continue. 

What does the diary include?

A sneek peek into my private world. Behind-the-scene looks at video shoots, dungeons and my private life as a serious Mistress. The diary I keep of my erotic adventures with slaves, subs and sluts. Slave training, control and wild parties are discussed. Naughty photos or video not seen anywhere else. It is added to weekly and usually announced on social media like twitter or my tumblr. 

How does the password work?

The password is good for ONLY the current month and a new password is required after that. If you buy a password on July 29th, you will have access until August 1st, and a new password will be required for August. A new password will automatically be available for purchase on this access page. For example, July's password is only good for July, and you will have to buy August's password to continue. 
No refunds are given for not reading the rules which are clearly stated. 


Is the Billing discrete?

Nothing with my name, or anything associated with Domination or this website will be on the credit card statement. Its very vague. Contact me for details.  

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