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2024 The Time of Extended, Intense Play Packages and New Procedures

Updated: Jun 6

You crave a lengthy experience where you are pushed and trained, regularly, but.a strict Mistress who knows what you need and how to take you there. I am the Mistress who can not only train you for a few hours, but a few days time. Very few have the skill, patience, creativity and passion, to turn you into their total submissive toy, completely, but I am one of the rare few and you need it.

I am ONLY seeking to accept a select group, very few for the training packages below.

Before we get started on this journey, you must acknowledge my new procedures.

In 2024 I began doing things a bit differently in order to ensure that I am having a happy and fulfilling experience for myself. I began offering packages for ONLY select, regular playmates for intense experiences. These packages come with a few stipulations that you must follow in order and agree to, in order for me to take you on these journeys. If you agree, then you get to be more in my favor, and can take advantage of these incredible package rates.

99.99% of the people I see, are regulars for many years, and you might say that almost everyone I see, are those that I have a good relationship with. This means that over time, occasionally, those who I play with, have sometimes forgone deposits, or wanted special treatment to reschedule play and more. Occasionally, this has been a bit understandable, even if it's put me out. More and more of this has happened as people have gotten more comfortable. Me allowing something once, was never meant to mean that this is how we would do things from now on, but many fell into this. All of these people, likely assuming that they are one of only a tiny handful who I allow to "get away with" receiving this kind of treatment. Sadly this wasn't the case and eventually my safe and structured business model which offered me fairness and the respectable nature of free time, fell to ruin. This has been harmful to my schedule, my free time, my play time planning and overall my playtime happiness as many fail to understand, that everyone I see, is a loved regular that I've known for a lot of years and if I don't have procedures in place for everyone then I don't have procedures in place at all, and my whole business goes a bit sideways.

I'm a very in-demand Mistress, and I need deposits, and my time scheduled appropriately and paid for appropriately, I can no longer continue to operate this way, and unfortunately must reinstate proper procedures going forward.

In 2024 I am offering packages for only those who fit the following criteria and only those who respect my procedures and time. I am in turn, rewarding such understanding and special, long-time relationships, with low rates.

-Must be a regular of mine for more than 5 years, we must have seen one another more than 30 times, where I have a decent understanding of your kinks and limitations.

-Must pay in full for booked appointment, promptly upon booking (setting a day and time), to ensure that I am covered, relaxed and able to focus on our fun. Should I need to cancel on my end, a full refund if we can't reschedule, will be promptly given/honored. I can no longer take just a deposit, or ask for pay after playing.

-I DO and always have, with long-term regulars, take CC payments through square! Swipe in confidence as it's linked to a vanilla business!

-I can no longer be "paid later" or owed appointment money, as too many reputable and wonderful people have not held their word after doing so for a long time.

-I cannot be booked on a "lets see how we feel" basis for play, in terms of adding extra time as a possibility. I can't plan my life this way, or other appointments and obligations this way.

-Cancellations/rescheduled situations must be made with a 7 day reschedule window and 50% of your payment will go towards rescheduled appointment.

-Ending an appointment early is not subject to reschedule as I can not see another in place and likely prepared for an intense scene.

These rules/procedures being reinstated, goes for everyone equally. Accepting the above, is you respecting my time, energy, preparation, and my overall life. If you ARE being given this blog link in an email, this means that you are accepted into this special group who I'd like to continue playing with, as my semi-retirement approaches.

Now let's discuss the intense packages.

These packages are available incall, and outcall is only an additional $100 for areas up to 1 hour drive from my incall including traffic. Please also note, "The Maintenance" is my outcall minimum and has been as of 2023. If you saw me in 2024 for less, I can no longer offer this due to my life needs. Thanks for understanding!

  1. The Maintenance. Total time: @3 hours. This is a maintenance appointment for you to keep up with the necessary training to continue your head space, in-between longer intense experiences. One hour is intense, hypno therapy to melt your mind back into your submission. The next two hours is more hypno, leading into your intense training, finishing off with pushing you the way you need. $1,400/incall, $1,500/outcall.

  2. The Push. Total time: @5 hours. It's been a while and you need a nice PUSH deep down into where you need to be. It's time to surrender. I begin taking you into a nice, deep, hypnotic experience for almost 2 hours. I then torment and push you to do what I want, and be who and what I want you to be. I push HARD. I might get others on the phone or webcam, to push you as well. It's not about your pleasure, it's about mine, and you'll be used. The final hour is the PUSH, where you are given an ultimate PUSH, an intense trial that I force upon you. $1,900 incall $2,000 outcall.

  3. The Training. Total time: @8hrs You need to be trained hard, and this is the only way to start. Upon arrival, you immediately surrender. You are taken deep into hypnosis for 2 hours, and then tormented/forced to do what you're meant for, for a third hour. You will be locked in a chastity device, not allowed release. A break happens and you are still locked up in chastity, but you are left alone for a 2 hour window. During this window, you CAN take a break for an hour or so, but also eventually get to watching videos and being sent imagery from me, to mess with your mind. Upon my returning, you should be quivering and completely subservient, ready to continue. The final 3 hours, you are pushed hard, back into training, pushed into submission, objectification and forced there, forced to handle the ultimate task. $2,900 incall, $3,000 outcall.

  4. The Intense Training: Total time: @24 hours We start with "The Training" in the late afternoon, ending for bed time, and after a night of sleep, finish with a morning of 1-2hr additional training experience. $3,500 incall, $3,600 outcall

  5. The Ultimate Training: Total time: @48 hours We have many periods of training throughout a 48 hour experience with full nights of sleep, based on "The Training" (2 lengthy scenes with a break/kinky mind-training in between, per day). Training hours can be moved within the 48 hour timeframe accordingly, if sub is feeling unwell, needs a break, has an important vanilla situation to take care of. Mistress will leave her dungeon or sub's home/hotel for periods of time, to get in her workouts, a meal, a rest, important calls etc while sub stays locked in chastity, always in their objectified state of mind during downtime. Sub will be pushed multiple times to take it all. $6,200 incall $6,300 outcall.

  6. Ultimate Surrender: Total time: @72hrs. Take the "Ultimate Training" experience, but push it to 72 hours. Within this time, Mistress will not only train you twice per day in very lengthy situations to lose yourself in, in order for you to properly give up control and become what she wants of you, but she will also test you with surprise guest experiences. This could be a webcam Mistress joining long-distance, a local Mistress joining in for a quick visit or couple of visits, or more. As a molded, objectified toy, you have no choice. $9,800 incall, $9,900 outcall.

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