Common Misconceptions: Twitter isn’t Accurate

Social media to me is very important. I enjoy that people can see me interacting with others and come to the conclusion that I am someone they want to session with. It is a great way for me to answer questions and show off some fun photos of play. Unfortunately, it sometimes is not accurate in depicting what I offer. While it is very important for me to have twitter, sometimes it creates some misunderstandings.

Here they are:

ALL I DO IS BONDAGE/IT’S MY FOCUS. This isn’t true. It’s just that most bondage lovers tend to also be exhibitionists. They often ask me for photos and want me to share those photos on social media. Why? Because extreme bondage takes time, is an art form of sorts and is very cool looking when it’s all done. People want to see what they look like because they usually can’t see it from their position and they want me to share it with others. Bondage often involves hoods, sleep sacks or straight jackets, mummification and lots of rope. All of these things hide identities well. This is why many bondage lovers are also big into me taking and sharing photos of them. Most of the photos on twitter are of bondage, but you are usually seeing a small fraction of who I play with. It’s usually the same dozen people, over and over again. Also, bondage is very expensive. People want to remember themselves in a piece of leather gear that costs $1,600 dangling from a piece of equipment that costs $3,000. I have been talking about bondage a lot lately because I am at a point in my career where I have the funds to splurge on it. Mastering corporal punishment requires practice, care and inexpensive equipment so it is often mastered early. Bondage is an expensive act and many Dommes save up for piece after piece of equipment. 

What you do not see, are the other several dozen sessions I am having that month including foot worship/domination, gym sweat domination, corporal punishment, domestic discipline, slave training, sissy training and so much more. I happen to do a lot of heavy bondage in Florida, because there are not really any heavy bondage Mistresses down here that do it so I get many of those subs. I do a lot of other things. 

I AM VERY SWEET AND KIND. I am pretty sweet and kind to people because being a raging bitch means that I would have some insecurity issues and anger problems. I have neither. I was also brought up with manners and I am very level-headed. However, I can rip your head off in two seconds if you try to behave very inappropriately or rudely towards me. When I am angry, I am quite terrifying and I can be relentlessly cruel. You can thank my Sicilian ancestors for that. It would be very wise of you to be on your best behavior always in your sessions. 

I ONLY TAKE SESSIONS INCALL. While I always prefer taking incall at my own space, I am actually on the move a lot down here. I just don’t show it. Again, you all only see just a glimpse of what I do (and usually bondage as I have said). I choose to not show where I am, including locations I go to, for privacy reasons. I don’t even speak of what I did that day, because I am that private about who I am seeing and where I am seeing them. I am, once a week or so, on the move, with my things discreetly packed in a suitcase, very little make-up on, cute sundress, sunglasses, heading to someone’s hotel, condo or home for discreet outcall. Sometimes I take an uber, or I park my not-recognizable car a bit further away. I do not take “selfies” of myself that day before I leave or when I return. Sometimes I am in a dress looking like a Palm Beach socialite shopping with my sub in a ball shocker. Sometimes I am in someone’s Miami condo. Sometimes a hotel suite. Outcall cost depends on location and length of appointment. You can be assured that it is all done with the utmost care and discretion. My hair is a normal color and I have no tattoos, because I enjoy that someone can have a nice dinner with me after we just had a wild time upstairs in their suite and not feel as though someone will recognize me. I look like the “vixen next door” for a reason. I enjoy blending in. It turns me on to know I am doing something extremely naughty and slipping through lobbies and crowds, malls and restaurants without a double-glance. This is why I am a trusted, frequently traveling Mistress. 

PHOTOS ARE NOT MANDATORY. I have already posted about this in another post but thought it was worth mentioning again. Photos are NOT mandatory nor do I ever take any or post any unless someone requests it. While I do appreciate anyone who is sharing their experience with the world because it gives other people ideas of my skill level and what is possible for others in a session, it is not even brought up in a session by me. If you want me to take some, you will have to ask me. If you approve of any and want me to post them online, you will have to tell me to do that and with which ones or else they stay in my digital library as private memories. You can bring your own camera for me to use or I can snap them with your own phone. Again, you have to tell me, or nothing is taken at all. A reminder that what you see posted is actually a small fraction of what I do and what my world is.


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