Delray Dungeon House Boy

Seeking a service-oriented slave (or two of them) for dungeon up-keep and organization a minimum of 2x a month, but preferably 3-4x a month, for a minimum of 1.5hrs per visit.  

Your BDSM interests do not matter, you could be a sissy, a rubberist, a puppy, a masochist, etc as long as at your core, you are service-oriented and derive pleasure from doing tasks for a Mistress. You must feel that at your CORE, you are a service-oriented slave. However, I am not here to dress you up, torment you and give you attention that is not earned. I have no issues if you want to quickly throw on your maid outfit, or a collar, or anything that feels right for you to be in your zone/element but this is not playtime.

What I am looking for is a regular house boy for my dungeon (and in the future, my home as well but one thing at a time). I seek someone who is reliable and doesn't frequently cancel. No pressure for a serious M/s relationship (this means you can serve other Mistresses too) but also not impossible if that is a future goal to work towards. A slave who serves the community who is unowned (we call them "floaters") is fine too.

The slave responsibilities would be to bring in packages (if any are outside) and keep the dungeon tidy and kept up with. The following tasks are those I generally need, but some tasks will not be required at every single visit (see***)

-Keeping floors clean -towels washed and folded*** -the two dungeon bathrooms clean*** -toys put away in proper places and sanitized if necessary -rope put into coils -occasional suitcase unpacked from tours*** -latex care*** -laundry***

and a few other odds and ends and small projects.

My dungeon is 2,800 sq ft including the storage rm, so it's a lot for me to keep organized by myself.

I have a few outdoor projects that I am working on there, that I could use a hand with, but it's not the important goal right now.

The person I am looking for is someone who is interested in service oriented slavery and derives pleasure from helping a Mistress on a regular basis. If you are new to toy sanitation, coiling rope and latex care, I will teach you how to do those things. If you are the type who wants to learn more about slavery in terms of exploring yourself, learning about being in a high protocol environment, or other situations or experiences, I would be happy to educate you.

In the future if you move on to serve someone, you will have a good reference from me as well as a plethora of skills you haven't had before and an experienced dungeon slave is a valuable thing and hard to find in Florida.

Must have a reference from someone you have served or had several pro sessions with. I do not take people who no one else knows (and I will not make an exception so please do not bother writing if you have none). 

If you are interested, email me. Tell me why you think that I should give you a shot and give your availability and references. 


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