I'm currently not on twitter. Here is why, and how to help.

After over 10 years, my twitter account @msmichellelacy was an incredible place, and a very popular place where people followed my daily femdom adventures and musings. It was wrongfully suspended. My backup accounts were also suspended. My event accounts for each and every event I throw, also suspended. Why is this happening?

Twitter does not allow you to post adult content. You can get away with it, as long as no one is reporting you. If enough people report your adult posts, they will permanently suspend (basically BAN) your account and any associated accounts. It takes a LOT of reporting for them to decide to completely ban your account. My account was banned due to three different causes.

Unfortunately when you do well in your line of work, it comes with a lot of downsides. Some of those downsides are that other people in the industry become very jealous of your success. It doesn't matter how wonderful of a person you are to them or the community, they will still take out their frustration on you by trying to tear down what you've worked so hard to build. Other women unfortunately are a large cause of social media reports and I unfortunately have many who often slander me to other women and clients, and go out of their way to try to ruin anything they can. It's very unfortunate because I am so giving and sisterly and would help another person build their business any way I could (and I have). I have mentored a lot of people and even took in a Mistress into my home when she had nowhere to go.

The second reason is that the longer you've been in the industry and more successful you are, the more crazy people you come across, in terms of crazy obsessed clients, men who hate women, men who hate sex workers and those with certain political agendas. Often for no reason at all, I am a target, just for existing. Sometimes someone is angry because I didn't email them back, when I never received their email to begin with. People really have screws loose and unfortunately I've come across many. This also has been a huge reason I have received a large amount of reports.

The third reason is because I had a terrible man who decided to dox me on twitter. Twitter takes a long time to look into that, and when they finally did ban his account, they didn't ban his IP and he made another account and continued to dox me a second and third time in minutes. In order to divert people's attention from the awful things he was doing, I had to create my own fake troll accounts and harass myself. This distracted people and their eyes were on the new more current troll situation and their eyes were off of my personal information he had posted until twitter finally banned his IP and got rid of him. Unfortunately in trying to save myself, it contributed to me having a multitude of accounts which looks bad when one account is already banned.

I will be back on twitter but I am not sure when. Hopefully soon. When I am, the account will be linked on the front page of my website. Until then, join the fight in getting my accounts, the best two of them reinstated. Tweet to @Twittersupport and tell them to reinstate @msmichellelacy and her event account @orderindomitus with some kind words about me.

If enough people plead, they may bring me back. It's worked with others.


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