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Events at the New Estate

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

The excitement is on overdrive. I decided to discuss what is happening at the new estate so you can plan your 2023.

The estate will be named. The different events and parties taking place there, will have their own names. They estate will have it's own website which will show the different events and parties taking place there, on a calendar with information about them. Large events like Indomitus for example, will be summarized, with a link to the Indomitus website, as will other similar big events like Sissy Weekend. Smaller social parties have no need of their own website and will just be advertised on the estate website. That estate website will have ticket sales and inquiries for all smaller parties, or point to the bigger event website where that should happen for that bigger event.

There are two types of events at the estate.

The first is a "packaged event," which is the same way all of my events thus far, are structured. There is a limited amount of space. You deposit to secure your spot. Your spot includes food, sleeping arrangements and all necessities. You just show up to the adventure and worry about nothing. Indomitus, Sissy Weekend, Eden, all of large, multi-day immersive events I have are run this way. 1 price, all details covered. The only thing you add on, are optional additional nights before or after the event, should that be an option, but even still, food and sleeping arrangements are taken care of. These events always sell out and have limited space. You can attend the event and ask if your Mistress should she be interested, be considered to be one of the Mistresses there. We have even had significant others attending events to learn more. These events will most likely be booked through each corresponding information packed event website. and are two examples of big immersive weekend-long to 1 week events which have their own websites and are structured this way.

The second type of event is a ticketed event or "party." The ticketed event or party is usually a shorter experience than the above events (think in terms of a local fetish party, but WAY better). This could be a Saturday night party from 7pm to midnight, or it could be a Sunday party from noon-6pm. It could be several parties a few days in a row. The difference is that these parties do not have a packed schedule of adventure like the above immersive events, taking you through a long experience. They are mostly, wild and sexy social gatherings, where you can mingle and meet many people, with options to play, and there may be entertainment and food. There will be themes for them and some will be charitable events, supporting charities which we vote on. A ticketed social party such as I am describing would be a Femdom Halloween garden party, a High Protocol Femdom Dinner and play party (just like we had at the OOI estate), and other such fun parties. Parties like I am describing, unlike the above packaged events, will contain dozens more guests. Parties require you to purchase a ticket for your attendance, on the estate website. Since you will likely be traveling from far away for this type of thing, you will be likely looking for accommodations. You may book accommodations AT the new estate, which are anything from bedrooms to slave cages, depending on who you are, and who you are attending with and what you choose to do. When on-site rooms sell out, you will need to find local accommodations, and there are many nearby options. Regardless of you staying on-site or off-site, you will need a ticket for the party attendance. Booking a room and buying a ticket are 2 separate transactions. These parties are wonderful for couples, D/s or M/s dynamics, friends, singles, and everyone in between. Take your Mistress to the party or go on your own.

Not everyone can attend the parties, and just like the big events, all must be vetted for and have permission. This keeps us all safe and having a good time. We can't have those who are not mentally sound, play unsafe, have substance abuse issues etc. People no one I know is familiar with, must inquire through the estate site and provide references. All approved people can login to the website to find tickets for various parties posted and the ability to book room accommodations on-site for those parties.

VIPs. VIP people consist of former big event slaves and Mistresses, and those who have stellar reputations and have done a lot for the community and industry, who should be honored. These consist of Mistresses, subs, slaves, bottoms, whoever!

VIP guests have a small, first-dibs window to book party tickets and accommodations before the rest. However the window WILL be small. This is to ensure fairness and a diverse experience. VIP guests may receive goodie bags and other perks. We all want great pillars of our community in attendance.

Serving from afar:

If you are a fan, slave, sub, friend or lover of a party guest, there is a page on the website to send them gifts which will be waiting for them in their rooms when they arrive, or given to them personally. These gifts are everything from flowers, to fruit and dessert plates, to chocolates, to beautiful letters, written on our stationary and sealed in our estate wax-sealed envelopes by us, waiting for them or given to them throughout their stay, and more. If you order most of those items before a certain time, we can make this happen for you. Some items will not be able to be sent past a certain time and we will shut down those items and they will be marked as SOLD OUT. We will have reminders of when the cutoff is.

Besides the 2 types of femdom parties, there will also be educational retreats, wellness retreats, other fun events not femdom themed, weeks of shooting content available for Pros and much more.

The estate can be rented privately only for a rare, special approved occasion.

My own personal sessions and experiences can take place there, with a certain minimum number of hours.

Let me know if you should have any questions and I hope you are very VERY excited.

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Events at the New Estate

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