Coronavirus and Sessions

The Coronavirus has caused a massive amount of session cancellations for me and my fellow Mistress friends. People have very slowly been coming back for appointments over time, but very cautiously.

My business travelers that make up most of my Florida appointments, had all cancelled, which I completely understand. They are only slowly coming back, with extreme caution.

My local Florida clients were afraid that my dungeon might have been crawling with covid germs from business travelers (who are not even sessioning, they all cancelled) so almost all of them were not booking. They are slowly coming back, with extreme caution.

The crazy thing is when this all had started, I had not been in my dungeon for weeks, I had been with my Mother who has been recovering from a bad situation leaving her with traumatic brain damage (update she's almost fully recovered).

While I am now taking appointments, I am doing so very carefully and only with those who are taking the virus very seriously and staying safe. Thankfully my clients are mostly returning regulars who I have known for a very long time, so this enables me to get a feeling for the kind of person they are and life they live and are living during this time.

My dungeon and toys are ALWAYS, even BEFORE COVID cleaned from top to bottom with medical grade disinfectants such as calvicide and sporicidin.  I wear gloves for most of what I do and as a rule when I work, I never touch my face during a scene until the scene is over and I've washed my hands with hibiclens, something my commercial dungeon manager taught me 13 years ago. Most of my clients pay for their appointments fully online, or give me cash in an envelope. So I am not touching money all day long, every day either. Sometimes I go 2 weeks without touching actual cash bc of online payments.

Almost all of the people who see me have requested me wear a mask and I have and they wished to be masked as well.

When arriving, clients should go to the restroom, mouthwash and wash their hands, and if possible, take a quick shower before we begin. My dungeon in general is not a revolving door of session subs and germs. I am very picky about who it is that I see, and I often turn down people for sessions if I feel we are not going to be a good match. Most of my session people see me for a large number of hours. Some women see 12 guys every week for 1 hour sessions. I see sometimes as little as 4 men per week, for 2 to 9 hour sessions each and less during covid time. I am generally seeing the same tested and safe subs over and over again. I myself have gotten tested 3 times. Never had symptoms, just wanted to make sure.

Most of my clients are repeat regulars. In fact, I’d say about 99% of them are. Many of them care a lot about me and my well-being and if they so much as come down with a sniffle, they immediately postpone their session and wait until the following month.  Because of this, I haven't been sick with a common cold or flu or even a stomach bug in over a decade. You all need to be careful and take precautions when going about your day to day. If you are doing appointments elsewhere with other women, make sure they are playing safe and taking precautions to keep their dungeons disinfected.


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