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New Year will bring Semi-Retirement

Four years ago, I began discussing my semi-retirement, but unfortunately tragedy struck, and my life had been turned upside-down by complex grief and trauma at the loss of my late partner. I was unfortunately, not able to semi-retire as planned.

It is with confidence, that I can now say that I am heading towards semi-retirement in 2025 and would like to discuss how this will change the way you may see me for an appointment.

My Dungeon, Eden Studios

Eden studios was once, one of the largest studios in the East coast, spanning 2,500 sq ft. It had contained a separate rubber bondage room as well as a feminization parlor as well as many other themed areas. While it was beautiful, loaded up with equipment and furniture, it was always much more than I actually ever needed. Visually, the size and scope was impressive. Sadly, certain toys and pieces were rarely used, in favor of others in the dungeon which were better suited for scenes.

After Clubdom closed, I had inherited furniture and toys which I had found were great visually for short videos, but not feasible for long, authentic scenes.

After my tragedy struck, I had to close several dungeon rooms, pushing their contents into the active rooms, using them for temporary storage of personal items as I figured out life's next path for me. Over time, and after much thought, I have decided to purge my dungeon of all items that are never used and drastically shrink the studio down.

The new studio will consist of two rooms, a full bathroom and laundry, spanning about 700 sq ft total. It will house all of my epic bondage gear, electric toys, and furniture everyone loves which are well-suited to all scenes. The larger portion of the location will be closed off. It will undergo needed construction which had been on pause for too long. When construction is finished, it will be used for personal stays, visiting Mistress friends and my femdom office, as well as some domestic slavery for trusted servants, when needed. Will the studio stay this size forever? It's hard to say. It all depends on where life takes me in my semi-retirement. I could keep it small or I could eventually take over the entire location again. For now, this is the direction. Even though it is smallerl, I will still have all of my bondage gear, and most amazing toys.

Session Availability

If you would like to see me for an appointment, you will be booking in advance, likely by a week. Anyone who seeks an appointment with short notice, may have that chance, for a very hefty fee. Certain days of the week will have minimum booking hours. I will likely only take appointments 2 days per week.

Brand New Clients to BDSM

I used to love to be someone's first experience. I would take my time and really make them comfortable, and then blow their mind, and show them what they were capable of or had been missing. Show them things they needed that they didn't think they needed. However with the amount of stalkers and unsafe people out there, I can no longer see people who are brand-new / have no references to give me. There are too many dangerous people trying to book with many of us, pretending they are new. I tried offering webcam sessions to try to feel people out, and this became a huge problem. I no longer will see anyone who is brand-new with no references.

New to seeing ME, but not new to pro BDSM

I will happily see people who have many references and have been around a while, as long as our interests line up.

New Website

Clients who I am keeping around that I adore and love seeing, will be given a secret new website (in the works). This new website will not be advertised anywhere, nor will it have my name or be searchable. The current old website, will linger around for years, in order to keep my social media relevant and keep stalkers/crazies harassing my old email. The new website will give you a username and password, and inside you can book sessions and keep up with my life and session opportunities.

Long sessions, and destination sessions

Don't let the 2 days a week deter you, I will still offer multiple day scenes and scenes which take us to fun destinations. This may mean that you are my play thing and servant for many days or a week.


I love my events, and will have them for as long as I can. They may shift and evolve, but I don't plan on stopping them anytime soon.


I will sometimes, still tour. I love the people I get to play with in NY, DC and other places. I don't believe that I will stop this completely, but lessen my travel and I won't have much availability when touring, so it would be best to get in when you can.

You may say "This doesn't seem like semi- retirement at all! How is this different?"

I used to advertise. I would frequently see first-timers. I accepted appointments 7 days a week. I toured 4 to 6 times a year, 2 to 3 cities per tour. I had a 1hr min session booking. I constantly marketed myself online. I would take same-day sessions for a higher fee and drop everything and drive to Miami in rush hour. I'm cutting this to less than half of what it previously was, and continuing to.

You are more than welcome to speak to me more about this anytime. I'm happy to answer questions. I do not plan on fully retiring for a long time, but I will not be as available as before.

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