Session Photos: Requested! Not mandatory. (An explanation).

There are a small amount of guys out there who look at my social media and feel a bit freaked out by how many photos of my personal play are posted on the internet.

This post is for them.

This, I am sure, has lead to a couple of people not wanting to see me for sessions for fear that session photos are mandatory. 

They are absolutely NOT. Its actually not what you think it is! 

Many men come to see us for sessions who have some play experience under their belt and feel very comfortable with me. They often will ask me (or any Mistress they are comfortable with) if we want to take any photos during their play, photos they ask/give us permission to post on our public social media or website. Most guys who request this have their face hidden/cropped out or are wearing a hood. The very rare ones who do not have their face hidden are usually “out” which means that they simply do not care, are fetish models or professional filming subs of some type and are not hiding their lifestyle. 

You may wonder why people would want such a thing? Well, some people want the memory and for that memory to be shown to the world as a momento they can constantly come to and look back on. It also shows other men the possibilities of what can be done in a session. This is especially requested if their scene is very extreme, and they have reached a new achievement in their tolerance of pain, or were put into very intricate bondage. For some, they are just exhibitionists and that's all this is. They love seeing others comment on their photos and they love showing off what they do. It gives them a thrill and they simply cannot get enough of it. 

When you are looking at my social media, website or onlyfans, you are not seeing 100% of my sessions or even 50%. You are seeing only about 20%. In fact, a lot of the sessions you are looking at, are with the same 15-20 submissives over and over again. That isn’t a lot of people at all! What you never see, is the other 80% of my playtime which is very private and always will be. 

You may still be wondering why I post any photos at all if it could scare away a few people. Well, those photos actually are the reason I see so many people. They're the BEST advertising! They show off my skills, my dungeon, my gear and the wonderful things that are possible when you play with me.

I am grateful for being able to show those photos because people see that type of play and decide they want to try it out. I get tons of bookings from those photos. Those photos inspire other people to try things in their own sessions with me and other Dommes. They make people want to try new things. They show what is possible more than just a pretty photo of me standing in a dungeon ever will. 

Do not worry though, I will never take a photo without your permission. I could never do that, morally it would be awful, that is very unprofessional.

Any photos you see online were taken and posted by specific discussed request by the sub in the scene. 

There are other ways to take home memories of your session without it going on the internet if you wanted to. You can have a me take private photos of the session with a camera you bring in, so they are only for you to have privately when you leave. You could take some yourself in the session too. But you will never have to worry about photos being mandatory in a session. That is unheard of, and never assumed to even be able to happen in the first place. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me at any time


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