Slaves Feeling Useless Lately

I have quite a handful of incredible slaves in my life, and since they come and go, I am always seeking to expand my stable! Due to some slaves being long-distance and also changing lifestyles, things shifted and slaves are often wondering how to serve and still feel useful more often.

With the career and lifestyle that I keep, I often am a very busy woman with many projects going on. Slaves often do not want to pester me and to come off as annoying so they wait in silence for instruction. If they do not hear from me, they assume they aren’t needed and they feel useless. Unfortunately, I take their silence as them being busy and unable to serve. I go about my life, and I am hoping (and sometimes have to ask) for one of them to tell me that they have free time, when and how long.

The reality of the situation is that I need assistance sometimes every single day.

There is aways a large list of things that I need done, some at my studio, some at my home, and some things can absolutely be done long-distance! Sometimes making 10 phone calls for me to find out information for pricing and rates for example can be a major help in my very chaotic life.

When slaves are not coming forward to tell me that they have x amount of free time this week or today to serve me, I am assuming that they are busy and not able to serve me. I often need someone to check craigslist/facebook marketplace for a certain kind of item for me. I often need phone calls made. I often need my dungeon cleaned and organized. I often need my home cleaned and my dogs given attention. I often need a massage.

If you are able to serve me, say it. Tell me. Tell me how much time you have approximately and in what capacity (in person or doing tasks from your home? Both?). If I don’t know, how can I tell you to do something for me and have an idea of what that might be in terms of length or time? Naturally, there will be days when I am so busy that I won’t able to give you an answer right away of what would be helpful. Or maybe I do not at the moment need something done that you can do for me. However it’s nice to know that if something comes up, I can rely on a slave to assist.

“Mistress, I should have a lot of time this week to do tasks for you, about 15 hours between Monday and Saturday. Can I do anything for you this week?”

“Mistress, I have the day free due to not being over my cold and staying home from work. Is there anything I can research for you while I lay on my sofa? I’d rather help my Mistress than be bored just laying here with the tv on.” 

This would not only be helpful, but would make you all feel useful and more of a part of my world, instead of sitting there silently from afar. I would very much appreciate this approach moving forwards. Often times the slaves who are helping me that many are jealous of, are simply the ones who came forwards to tell me that they could give me the time. It was that easy. 

The more projects that I can get done, the happier and less stressed out that I will be. I would love more free time and I would love more of that free time to be spent with my slaves doing kinky things in the dungeon, or on the beach.


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