The Importance of a Polished Studio

For the past few months many of you have found me apologizing about my dungeon location under-going a face-lift and some renovations. Some of you have wondered why I am even apologizing and why I even need to pursue the elaborate plans that I have in mind. 

“Isn’t the studio good enough as it is? You have everything in here, what more do you even need?” some have asked. 

Yes, I do have a lot of furniture, gear and toys. The space is clean, spacious and it is set-up where it is perfectly functioning and I have been having incredible sessions here from the 2 hour quick bondage afternoon to full on overnight slave training sessions and everything in between. In fact, all of the bookings I have been having and the fun have kept me from continuing the work on my studio! Oh what a problem to have. (No complaints here!)

A good studio should take you into another world when you come through the door. The ambiance should assist in helping the outside world disappear. It should be beautifully decorated, polished and well put-together. A gorgeous studio is also associated with being a clean and disinfected studio. Why is that?

 I was using many different studios before I had my own. If the studio wasn't organized and presented nicely, I would often kindly give advice on how to make the mis-matched cluttered organized and the studio look more polished but often studio owners didn’t want to take my advice. Despite the studio being so clean you could eat off of the floors, people were constantly saying the studio was “filthy.” People just didn’t want to go back there. They associated clutter and mis-matched decor with “filth.” Having a very beautiful space will always make people feel that it is clean. If someone put that much effort into the look of their space and how high-end it is, they MUST put that much effort into cleaning/disinfecting it as well. The clean lines and clutter-free facility will also give the impression of “sterilized.” Now I am not saying that my space isn’t sterile, it absolutely always is. It’s just that a beautiful space puts people at ease. 

A good studio should always have mirrors in key places. A handful of people would never want to look at themselves in their sessions but most people do. They want to see what you are doing to them, how their bondage looks. They want to see the look in your eye as you throw that whip at their back.  

A gorgeous and polished studio also reflects on you as a Mistress. The lives of every Mistress are different. Some do this part time, some full time. We all have different needs in a studio. Some of us need large spaces and some only need a small playroom. However as a full-time Mistress, my studio should reflect my professionalism, care, and what I have to offer AS a full-time Mistress. If I have a shabby, terrible unclean studio, what does that say about me as a professional? A good businesswoman always puts money back into her business regularly. A dungeon is a part of that. She should always be getting new toys and equipment every now and then. It should be a direct reflection of the woman running it. If a Mistress does not have her own studio after being in the industry for a long time, and she is using a run-down or poorly equipped studio, I would question her ability to conduct a great session. If she has a gorgeous local facility nearby she rents from where her owning her own isn't necessary, that is one thing. For example if I lived in NYC still, I would be renting from the Parthenon. Absolutely top-notch facility. I may have no need of my own location. 

If she is renting a very dirty and poorly equipped studio and has no plans to seek out or create a better studio to play in, that is a worry. A professional Mistress with over a decade of experience who has lots of repeat regulars can easily have her own studio of some kind. If she does not and is using a shabby place, she possibly is not the best Mistress as the lack of studio usually means not enough funds to support it, which means low amounts of repeat business. Down in South Florida, I had a hard time finding polished, equipped and private studios to use. I developed my own, as I care very much about the quality of the appointments I have. That is what good professional Mistresses do. 

Going back to the ambiance part of this post, a studio should most importantly, make the Mistress who is using it feel good about being there. It should make the outside world disappear for HER too. It should make her proud of her establishment. 

A good studio should have lots of privacy for both entering and leaving. It should also have noise concerns under control (good soundproofing, knowledge of where you can get away with loud yells and where you cannot). 

It should have a very cleanly bathroom full of everything someone would need to put themselves back together including a shower. It should also have beverages and some sort of snacks in case of low blood sugar levels (like when people forget to eat before a long scene, or suddenly feel light headed in the middle of a scene). 

It should have medical grade cleaners and gloves, coverings for toys. 

This is what I believe a good studio should have, and why I care so much about the appearance of my own. So pardon my dust for now.

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