Session Types and Session Package Experiences

NOTE: The following are the more popular sessions that I do described in detail, but there are even more appointment types which I do than the ones listed. Always ASK if you do not see it listed and are not sure. Some activities I do are legal in some states but not in others, and I travel often so I cannot list things that could be misconstrued legally. 

The Nervous Newbie (60 minutes) $200. 

You are very new to BDSM, or you might have BDSM experience but be new to seeing a professional Mistress which can be quite intimidating! You know that you want to figure yourself out and experience things in a very fulfilling way under the guidance of a professional. You may or may not be unsure of most of your interests and limits and have only a little to go on and you are pretty nervous, so nervous, that you're afraid you may not show! This is a great way to get to know me and have NO PRESSURE AT ALL to play. You arrive at my studio to meet me, and I am in normal, everyday clothes. I introduce myself, and give you a tour of my studio. I make the "scary stuff" not-so-scary by explaining what the toys and furniture in my studio are and do, and show you some items I would recommend for us to use on you in the future if we play together. We then just sit and chat about your interests, experiences so far (if you've had any) and your goals, and I will tell you more about myself and what I do. You can ask me as many questions as you want, and the best part is, if you have a question about a toy or a piece of gear, I can just take it out of the closet and show it to you and explain it to you, and you can hold it and see if for yourself. I think you will be very surprised at how much of a normal person I am, and how much I can make something that seems scary, not scary at all, and a lot of fun. I am very good with newbies and very good with calming their nerves and with this "session" we don't play at all, so you can get to know me and my studio with no pressure to play. You can book your play when you are ready. You can also add the NERVOUS NEWBIE experience to the beginning of a pre-booked play appointment, such as the “First-Timer” appointment. 

The First-Timer (Length recommendation is 2 hours)

You finally got up the courage to have your first professional session. Congratulations! This will be very exciting. I am going to make a scary and nerve-wrecking experience into a very easy and enjoyable one for you (and me). You will be amazed at how at-ease you will feel once we begin. You will wonder why you didn’t do this sooner. We will spend 20-30 minutes (not counted as your session time) before we play just talking and I will show you around. We will not begin until I feel your nerves are eased a bit and that you are good to go. When we do start, you will notice that it isn’t nearly as horrifying as you thought. Part of that, is because you don’t have to think too much on what to do, I am doing that for you by instructing you. I will tell you how to stand or kneel, where I want your hands to be, and what you should be doing moment to moment. You just do as I say. Its that simple. If you are nervous and do something wrong, such as place your hands in the wrong spot, I will correct you. Easy! I will also explain what I am doing or about to do a little as I am doing it, so you aren’t thrown off-guard or startled by something. Within 30 minutes, you will be in such a great place mentally and having a wonderful time, seeing how easy and enjoyable it truly is. And the best part is that you have an hour and a half left to really dive deeper (but slowly) and really enjoy yourself.

One hour appointments are not good for first-timers. By the time you feel calmer, and start really getting into it, there’s only a half hour left. BDSM activities take time to do (bondage for example, it takes some time for me to tie you up) and should not be rushed. A 1 hour appointment is ONLY good for a newbie, if you are only into 1 or 2 very simple activities. For example, are you only into an over-the-knee spanking? An hour is perfect. Only into being dominated by my feet while wearing a collar? Nothing else? An hour is fine. Otherwise, most people need 2 hours for their appointments, especially for first-timers.     

BDSM Education (2 hour minimum $400, additional hours $150/hr)

Do you want an in-depth explanation or lesson on BDSM and kink? Would you and your partner would like some questions answered so you can better understand one another? Perhaps you want a lesson on how to do impact play or bondage safely? This is not a PLAY experience, but an education experience which can be entirely me speaking and answering questions, or a demonstration (hitting a pillow with a flogger, or post-it notes with a whip) or me having you tie up your partner to learn bondage. Please note: This is a class-like setting this is not a play-like setting. This means that it’s an instruction, not us playing together. 

Cross-dresser make-up lessons (Two hour minimum $400)

Learn how to do your make-up like you've been doing it your whole life, with a non-judgmental woman who is delighted to have you in her company to learn. Not only will you learn how to apply make-up for different looks, but you will also learn how to hide stubble, create feminine eyebrows, apply false lashes, and so many more tips and tricks. I will provide make-up but you can bring your own. It's ok to mess up, make mistakes, we will do it all over again and again. It's all a part of the fun.

NOTE: This is not a BDSM play session, there are no kinky toys, no dirty-talk, any kinky playtime must be booked separately. You CAN wear something feminine of course, during our time together. If you like, I can take a few photos afterwards for you. 

Dominatrix Classes (2 hour minimum, $300. Additional hours are $100/hr. Weekly package bought in advance 2hrs per week $200/week=$800)

Are you thinking of becoming a professional dominatrix and need to know where to begin? Are you already a professional and need assistance with technical skills like bondage, or business assistance such as marketing for success? You can meet me in person at my studio, or if it's a non-skill related assistance, I can help you via skype.

Slave Training (4 hours= $800)

Are you deeply interested in serving a Mistress but do not know where to begin? Do you wish to know all about how to be a great service slave in order to one day serve a Mistress with success? Learn all about how to become a GREAT slave, one that Mistresses would one day love to fight over and feel lucky to own. Learn what to do, what not to do, and how to properly serve the woman she is AND the Mistress she is. Learn everything from how to anticipate needs to how to care for specific garments, and be over-all self-sufficient. I will teach you things like protocol and slavery positions which you can get a feel for in case in the future you find yourself in, or seeking a more high-protocol environment. You may ask for specific lessons that you are curious about such as how to take care of latex, how to take care of BDSM toys, how to give a proper foot massage, etc.. This can be also done over skype. You will be taught to be a slave by being taught how to be my slave and be in the role of being my slave. This is very educational and also interactive. You may want to take some notes. 

Service to Mistress (2 hour minimum= $400)

Do you want to be of service to me by doing tasks? Clean my dungeon and bring me coffee while I work on my computer and give you another task to do? This is a two hour minimum window where you will arrive to serve me. Your needs and requests will not matter. This is a servitude outlet rate, not fun dungeon playtime. Be a good slave and you just might get a small reward for your efforts. 

Fantasy Come to Life (1 hour $600, Additional hours $500/hr)

You want a very specific experience, that happens a very specific way? No problem! Maybe there’s a role play that has a bit of a script and a specific outfit. You may really need to go from one specific activity to another specific activity in a pre-determined way and that method and order is very important to you.. Come up with your fantasy scenario and let’s bring it to life together. You can call all the shots and plan the entire thing the way you need it to be done, and I will become your fetish actress playing the part of your Top for our fun time together. You aren’t submissive and never quite felt that way, but you like a strong, dominant woman doing mean things to you that are done very specific to your fantasy in mind? Cool. Let’s have some fun. An example of this, is a scenario where I as CatWoman capture and torment Batman in a very specific scripted method you came up with.





Bondage is a method in which I render you powerless by joining your body parts, specifically the hands and feet but maybe more, to a specific place or piece of furniture. The idea of being caught in a spider’s web with you as my fly is very erotic for people. Bondage can add not only physical feelings of helplessness (the feeling of not being able to get away, the feeling of the rope or cuffs around your wrists) but also give you a mental feeling of helplessness (the knowing you cannot get away). This can make people feel a wonderful variety of emotions from a healthy amount of fear (not knowing what may happen next or when you will be set free) to a feeling of being defeated (she has me now, there’s nothing I can do but give in), to powerlessness (she can do what she wants to me, I can’t fight her in this state). Bondage can also sometimes make people feel humiliation (being tied in positions which may make you feel vulnerable and humiliated) or degraded (being tied to a toilet). Bondage can also give you a feeling of being a slave (being strung up like e piece of meat to receive a punishment).  Bondage in very heavy and extreme forms can also make people feel peaceful, forget the outside world and get out of their own head for a time. It can be very therapeutic. 

I love how endlessly creative bondage can be, as well as the large variety of predicaments it can cause someone to be in. Ankle shackles on a sissy maid who is in service to my dungeon and sweeping the floor, while her dress is locked on her and her shoes are chained onto her feet with locks, simple bondage like that can make that sissy feel owned and forced into her service to me and constantly reminded of it. Bondage can be very simple, with just wrists tied up, light and not scary but effective. Or it can be as extreme as someone hanging from my ceiling in a leather suspension suit, or in plaster casting. Due to there being such an incredibly large variety of bondage types, this page will be longer than most other session themes. 

Bondage has become one of several specialties of mine, and while I am able to do a lot of intense scenes, I never tire of someone who is curious about the power that just a simple pair of wrist cuffs can have over them for the first-time. 

ROPE bondage can be simple wrist ties, ankle ties, or being tied to a chair. Or it can go into hog-ties, reverse hog-ties. It can go further into full-body immobilization and rope suspension bondage. 

Mummification is when the body is wrapped up like a mummy to create a casing around the body which renders someone unable to move. Commonly done with Saran Wrap, but you can add duct tape layers, you can suspend people in Saran Wrap too, and you can do an extreme amount of layers where the shell around them becomes thick and hard from the many layers of wrap and tape. 

Typically, the head is not mummified, but can be as long as breathing is safely made possible through a large mouth opening. 

CUFFS, SHACKLES Hand cuffs. Shackles that lock with locks or old-fashioned slave shackles with internal locks. Bondage wrist and ankle cuffs. Suspension cuffs to be lifted off the ground by the hands for a short period of time. Suspension boot cuffs to be lifted off the ground for a short period of time upside-down by the feet (preferably while wearing boots or sneakers). 

Mitts: Bondage mitts go over the hands like gloves but do not have fingers. Your hands are in a loose fist inside and you are unable to use your hands/fingers. I have leather mitts which make the hands look like puppy paws and inflatable latex mitts where your hands feel like they are comfortably encased in a rubber balloon. 

Belts/straps: Belts made of leather or rubber which are used to secure someone in place. 

Arm Binders: Leather and latex arm binders cover the hands/arms and enables the hands and arms to be tied in any position but commonly are tied behind the back. 

Sleep Sacks: bondage sacks that cover the entire body except the head, and immobilize you as little or as much as I want from the neck down to the feet. Inner sleeves keep you from being able to pull your arms out and free yourself. I can have access to your body through strategically placed zippers. In leather, latex, some which suspend from the ceiling, spandex, neoprene, canvas. 

Hoods: Hoods that go over the heads in various different designs that each serve a different purpose. Hoods can be padded for sensory deprivation reasons, or have no holes for eyes to purposely keep you from seeing. Some have gags on the inside, some do not. Some have eye and mouth and nose holes. Some only a nose hole. Some are latex and inflate, giving your head the feeling of being inside a balloon. Some are made of leather, latex, spandex, neoprene. 

Suspension suit: Leather suit which you are laced into and suspended from from the ceiling. Can also be used as just a bondage suit, without suspension. 1 size, adjustable to an extent from a Medium to an XL

Rubber Suit: Latex bondage suit with attached hood covered in D-rings with straight-jacket arms for a variety of bondage positions (one size, size medium).

Straight Jackets: Various leather and rubber straight jackets in different sizes from a medium to an XXL

Puppy Suit or Butterfly suit: Leather suit that bends the knees into a “crawl” position. Arms are in a straight jacket mitt look. Can look like a crawling puppy, or arms can be bound in the straight jacket position (wrapped and crossed around the front towards the back). Size medium. 

Inflatable latex cocoon: A bondage piece made of rubber that is inflated while you are inside to give you the feeling of being bound and trapped in a caterpillar-like cocoon. Has a huge hole for the face and another for me to access you for CBT. A sub once said “it feels like I have BECOME the form.”

Vac bed: 2 sheets of latex secured in a frame where a person is stuck in place between them due to the air being sucked out by a vacuum. 2 different types are available. One type encases the entire body and has only a breathing tube, for total sensory deprivation. The other type enables your entire head to stick out for those who like bondage but may be too claustrophobic with the other type of sheet. Fits up to a 3XL.


Leather Splints: Leg and arm splints covered in buckles and D-rings which cause you to not be able to bend your elbows or knees more than just a smidge (so they aren’t locked) and secured into a variety of positions. 

As far as bondage furniture, I have a suspension hoist, suspension frame, a bondage table, cage, bondage board with leather straps, an adjustable chair, and a solid bondage chair with optional dildo impaler.


My dungeon has a feminization room, dedicated to sissy play, cross-dressing, rubber dollification/rubber maid, and overall feminization. The closet has high heels from a women’s size 8 through a women’s size 14. The clothing racks are filled with lingerie up to a 3XL, a many types of sissy maid outfits including locking PVC outfits and rubber maid outfits, as well as pink filly maid outfits and different types of French maid outfits. Petticoats are available in different lengths. There are many different colors of satin panties, up to a size XXL, and Queen sized black and nude pantyhose, thigh high stockings and garter belts. There are also over 30 wigs in every style and color, as well as a large rolling rack for makeup for complete transformations for every skin color.  Some costume jewelry, purses, sunglasses and other fun items can be found in this room as well.  There are also some nightgowns as I do a lot of overnight play with my feminized playthings. Sometimes you can find some lovely dresses, skirts and blouses for cross-dressers in here. The collection is always being added to. There are photography lights in the chance that my cross-dresser would like some nice photos taken of them as a momento.


Sissification is when you are stripped away of every ounce of masculinity and it is replaced with an exaggerated, laughable amount of femininity for my enjoyment. It is a method of submission done largely with tones of humiliation, as your exaggerated femininity is often filled with lots of ruffles, bows, the color pink, and other such exaggerated and normally not desire able female attire in order to create an appearance that keeps you feeling powerless, humiliated and controlled. Some enjoy being overly slutty instead of overly pretty and instead are turned into overly slutty bimbos referred to Bimboification. 

Sissies are one of my specialties, as I know not every sissy submits in the same way. Some wish to be of service and owned by me and made to do chores and work as my sissy maid. Others love submitting for Mistress while being given pain, being in bondage or through slut training, even forced-bi. 


You enjoy submitting as your female form. Fabulous! lets make you the prettiest most passable woman we can. I will take my time perfecting your female face by hiding stubble and even going as far as re-shaping your eyebrows (without harming your original brows). Smokey eye? Fake lashes? Cat-eye liner? We can do it all. After you are fully feminized from head to toe, then we can have fun while you submit to me as my pretty girl. 

Rubber Dollification

Are you interested in being transformed into a rubber doll by a rubber loving Mistress? I have latex maid outfits, stockings, gloves and a rubber doll mask in 2 sizes for you as well as rubber corsets. If you are my size, I have even more outfits for you!

Rubber Fetishism/Rubber Bondage

Latex is so erotic, the way it looks, the way it feels, it can be addicting. I have a large wardrobe of latex for myself and rubber bondage gear and attire for others. I love playing with latex-loving partners. My dungeon has a dedicated rubber room, where my collection of rubber wardrobe and gear is stored and shown. My latex wardrobe in the first closet contains everything from bras and panties to dresses to corsets and catsuits. Gloves, belts, even rubber crotch-high boots, and hoods for myself. The second closet is my boot closet, showing off my boot collection and storing some rubber gear such as 2 different vac beds and an inflatable bondage cocoon. The shelves are full of displayed hoods, some which inflate with internal gags, some with breathing tubes, a variety of gas masks and breath play hoods, a puppy hood and so much more. Inflatable bondage mitts, arm binders, leg binders, straight jackets, a full body rubber bondage suit, a catsuit for men and other accessories like corsets and rubber maid dresses and rubber doll masks are hung on the rack. A heavy rubber sleep sack, a thick inescapable 3MM straight jacket fitting up to a 2XL are on the table. An adjustable medical chair waits for bondage and anal play. The shelves slide over exposing a memory foam Murphy bed for overnight rubber play, with latex sheets and pillow cases. 


Leather fetish/Leather Bondage


I am a big fan of leather and my collection of leather wardrobe hoods and bondage gear is enormous. My closet is full of everything from leather bras and panties to skirts, pants, dresses, vests, and many short and long coats. I also own a lot of leather pumps and leather boots including a pair of designer crotch high boots custom made from Charlotte Luxury which are leather-lined. My leather glove collection is astonishing, with gloves of every length from opera length to little driving finger gloves. 


My leather hood collection satisfies everyone from the leather sub who enjoys being in a leather hood, to the leather bondage enthusiast with hoods dedicated to sensory deprivation, muzzles and more. I have a large collection of hoods from strict leather and Mr S, including the famous coveted sci-fi hood. 


Leather lovers will not only love the large amount of leather cock and ball straps, but the large amount of leather cuffs including suspension cuffs for hands and feet as well as bondage mitts, splints for arms and legs, arm binders, straight jackets for men and women bodies, and leather sleep sacks, some of which suspend. I also have a leather suspension suit, a leather puppy/butterfly suit, a hanging leather cage, and so much more. For more bondage info, see the BONDAGE page. 

High Heel Goddess

You are weak to a woman who was born to wear high heels. The higher the heel, the lower you feel. You know your place, underneath me in my high heel shoes. I have an entire wall of shelves and shelves of shoes to choose from. Which ones will I choose to use as my weapon to weaken you with? The platforms? The closed-toe pumps? The peep-toe pumps? The sky-high fetish platforms or the sexy classic patent leather pumps? You should be kissing them, strapped on by them, or perhaps left to polish my whole collection with your tongue.