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BallBusting- I have years of practice being the mean girl in school and I kick HARD. I love watching you fall down in pain, knowing it’s shooting through your stomach. Sometimes I like to restrain you so you can’t stop my kicks with your hands, or close your legs. Perhaps you’ll become sterile with all of these nasty kicks! While I DO want to obliterate your balls, I will pace myself so you can handle an entire appointment. Also, I know how to properly kick balls in, (and that's NOT with my toes). 

Cock and Ball Torture (CBT)- I am skilled in various ways to torture you, from mild to brutal. I will pace your torment so you can last through an appointment, but I will increase the intensity to what I see that you can handle, and even a bit more! It is for my enjoyment after all, isn’t it? There are endlessly creative ways to torment you between my bare hands and the plethora of toys that fill my many cabinets. From various ball crushers and Kali’s teeth, to electrics, sounds and so much more, I am incredibly skilled in the art of male genital tortures. I delight in the beginner or lighter player who wants a taste in some very mild torment, just as I relish in the heavy masochist who surrenders all control to me to torture as I see fit, for as long and as much as I wish. Having your most sensitive and most vulnerable parts in my firm hands is the power trip I live for! 

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