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Schedule/ Tour

March 2024

Available in Delray at Eden Studios at least until Thanksgiving, but may be on tour later in the month.

April 2024

I will be on a Northeast tour in the very beginning of the month, but in Delray at Eden Studios until Christmas.

24th-Jan 1st will be spent at the new estate, sessions are available.

May 2023

Delray Eden Studios for most of the month, and a tour will likely be announced.



a femdom slavery event in NY at a beautiful large manor.

Schedule and Tour dates

Feb 2024

Delray Beach taking sessions and partaking in outcalls around the state of Florida 

March 2024

Delray until late afternoon March 4th

Denver Area March 7th to March 12th with Isobel Devi

(Supreme Jail party at her studio March 6th!)

Delray March 12th-26th

NEW ESTATE sessions and slavery available 26th- 1pm 29th

Delray rest of March

April 2024

Delray until April 4th

NEW ESTATE sessions and slavery available April 5th-11th

Femdom Party at Eden Studios April 12th 8pm-11pm

BOUND event at Eden Studios April 13th

Delray Sessions available the rest of April

I often travel to the Northeast (Boston, CT, NYC, Long Island, Philly, DC).

I also sometimes travel to Charlotte, LA, Tampa, Orlando, and many other cities. If you want to be notified of when I am traveling to your area, sign up HERE. I AM IN SOUTH FLORIDA WHEN NOT ON TOUR

Make sure you request specific outfits and toys I might have BEFORE my travel date to your city! I do bring a lot, but not everything can fit. I cannot make it appear once I left home. 

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