Schedule/ Tour

Oct/Nov 2022

Available in S. Florida. 





There are currently no tours

planned at the moment 

Eden Studios

Segufix and metal restraints 

have been added to the dungeon


BOUND is coming back, as is Indomitus 2023. Stay tuned.

Appointments are booked 24 hours or more in advance and same-day appointments are a higher fee (see rates page for info). This ensures that I can see what my week will be like, week to week. Special announcements regarding my schedule or special opportunities will be stated here. 


I often travel to the NorthEast (Boston, CT, NYC, Long Island, Philly, DC).

I also sometimes travel to Charlotte, LA, Tampa, Orlando, and many other cities. If you want to be notified of when I am traveling to your area, sign up HERE. I AM IN SOUTH FLORIDA WHEN NOT ON TOUR



If it isn't posted here, then travel is not yet known so please do not contact me asking about future dates if nothing is posted. I get this on almost a daily basis and I do not have the answers for you unless they are posted here.

Think about it, if I know my travel dates, even potential dates, why would I not post them here immediately? What good would it be to know and book travel but not post about it for days or weeks? Kind of counter-productive, no? 
 I post the dates here as fast as my flight confirmation code pops up on another browser window. Check back once a week and you won't miss out!
Make sure you request specific outfits and toys I might have BEFORE my travel date to your city! I do bring a lot, but not everything can fit. I cannot make it appear once I left home.