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Schedule/ Tour


In Delray from the 25th to May 



Delray until the 10th

Panhandle area at the New Estate taking appointments until the 19th.

Delray, possibly, for the rest of May.


Possible I'll be in Delray, but a NE tour may be announced.


Sissy Weekend Aug 3rd

Indomitus Oct 18th

Night of the Queens Femdom Gala Oct 20th

Schedule and Tour dates

April 2024

DC 23rd-25th

Delray the rest of the month

May 2024

Delray until the 10th

New Estate (Panhandle area) May 10th to 19th taking appointments. 

The length may change and I could be in Delray again before the 19th.

Delray the rest of the month of May.

A NorthEast Tour (DC, NY, Boston, MIGHT be announced around May or for June)

I often travel to the Northeast (Boston, CT, NYC, Long Island, Philly, DC).

I also sometimes travel to Charlotte, LA, Tampa, Orlando, and many other cities. If you want to be notified of when I am traveling to your area, sign up HERE. I AM IN SOUTH FLORIDA WHEN NOT ON TOUR

Make sure you request specific outfits and toys I might have BEFORE my travel date to your city! I do bring a lot, but not everything can fit. I cannot make it appear once I left home. 

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