Wondering what city I am in? Check this schedule page. Details of day to day activities are also on here. Sometimes I am seeking a cleaning slave or a foot boy and am offering special session oportunities and you will note it here. I also help throw CFNM parties, teach classes or am on at a fun convention or festival in a city near you. 



***I am in South Florida unless specified below!****
More travel locations/times might happen before currently posted dates, such as travel to New York, so check back often. If it is not posted, it is not yet decided/known so please do not email and call asking about travel dates that are not posted here. 

Washington DC Sept 15th to Sept 18th

Using the brand new equipped dungeon of Lydia Supremacy, a VERY short cab ride from the Friendship Heights station. Private parking, clean, very nice area! Easy to get to from just about everywhere! PERFECT LOCATION! Lydia is available for optional double sessions. 

OVERNIGHT SESSIONS ARE AVAILABLE, otherwise I stop taking sessions around midnight.

Sept 15th: After 6pm-midnight

Sept 16th: 9am to 7pm. EVENING FULLY BOOKED. Might open up only if cancellations happen. 

Sept 17th: Noon to Midnight

Sept 18th: FULLY BOOKED unless cancellations happen. Heading to Philly in the later afternoon. 


Staying near the Marketplace. 

Sept 18th: Available after 5pm to 1am Lydia also available.

Sept 19th: 9am to 1am Lydia also available.

Sept 20th: 9am to 1am Lydia also available.

Sept 21st: 9am-noon


Sept 21st: If I do not have any bookings for NYC on the 21st, I will stay In Philly. If you want the 21st, I need to know sooner than later.  

Sept 22nd: 9am to 2am

Sept 23rd: 9am to 2am

Sept 24th: 9am-noon


Sept 24th: 3pm-midnight

Sept 25th: 9am-midnight

Sept 26th: 9am-1pm (ride to ISP appreciated!)

Once again, if it isn't posted here, travel is not yet known so do not contact me asking about dates. I get this on almost a daily basis and....yeah it's getting irritating. Especially when I have a whole page here to tell you my travel dates. 

Think about it, if I know my travel dates, why would I not post them here immediately? What good would it be to know and book travel but not post about it for days or weeks? Kind of counter-productive, no? 
 I post the dates here as fast as my flight confirmation code pops up on another browser window.  I travel often and to many places such as Philly, NJ, DC, NC, Boston, and more but if it's not posted it's not yet known. I usually post travel dates to a location a month out but sometimes just a week away and a trip can be last minute. Its just how it goes so checking back often is your best bet! 
Make sure you request specific outfits and toys I might have BEFORE my travel date to your city! I do bring a lot, but not everything can fit. I cannot make it appear once I left home.