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Schedule/ Tour

June 2023

Available in Delray at Eden Studios 23rd, 24th, 25th.

 I will be in the UK with Mistress Tess until July 5th

July 2023

Eden Studios Delray Beach July 6th to 18th.

NorthEast Tour (see below)

August 2023

Delray Eden Studios Aug 4th to 9th

Siren House Estate (Destin area)

Aug 11th-Aug 24th


OCT 29th weekend, 

HUGE Femdom events at the 

Siren House Society

The Summer will be filled with lots of travel, starting with Denver Colorado June 18th to 21st, and the UK for Gynarchy Governance in late June with the possibility of sessions with Mistress Tess until July 4th. I land back in Florida July 5th. 


(PLEASE NOTE: These are approximate tour dates, to give you a good idea of when I can be booked by you. Should you want an appointment, you must book and deposit to cement your spot. My shifting of cities (extending a stay by a night, or shortening/skipping a place entirely) will depend on my deposited appointments. This means that if you want until the last minute, I may not be available any longer in your area, but would have stopped had I known earlier. This means you should NOT WAIT. New Jersey and CT sessions ARE possible within the route below IF you give me the city you are in/distance from the city you are willing to travel to, or list the cities you are willing to travel to. 


18th- Charlotte, NC

19th/20th DC

20th/21st Philly

21st-28th Long Island

28th-Aug 2nd Boston with Isobel Devi

I often travel to the Northeast (Boston, CT, NYC, Long Island, Philly, DC).

I also sometimes travel to Charlotte, LA, Tampa, Orlando, and many other cities. If you want to be notified of when I am traveling to your area, sign up HERE. I AM IN SOUTH FLORIDA WHEN NOT ON TOUR

Make sure you request specific outfits and toys I might have BEFORE my travel date to your city! I do bring a lot, but not everything can fit. I cannot make it appear once I left home. 

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