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These rates do not necessarily reflect YOUR session rate. It's just to give a quick idea. Many factors described on this page will determine your actual appointment rate. 

All appointments are respectfully booked 24 hours in advance. Same-day appointments and last minute appointments are a higher-fee.


(Base rates reflect most common appointment rates. Just some examples: spanking, cross-dressing, foot domination, forced-femme, corporal, cbt, nt, bondage including leather and some basic rubber, slut training, some basic medical play and more. Most wardrobe requests.)


$800/90 minutes

$900/2hrs (Additional hours are $450/hr)

Some scenes are a little higher cost, such as heavy medical, heavy rubber, long scenes filled with lots of complex and advanced bondage. Some scenes MIGHT be a little lower cost in rare circumstances. 

Same-day appointments (booked under 24 hours up to 5 hours notice) are an additional $100 per hour. 

Last minute appointments (under 5 hours notice) are an additional $200 per hour. 



Appointments which are frequently canceled and rescheduled (more than 3 times) will result in the client paying NOT the deposit, but the full appointment payment up front

All deposits are 50% and deposits are due immediately upon agreeing to a day and time. 

Sessions Rates Explained: What determines the Rate, tips to getting a better rate.

Seeing a reputable Dominatrix for a very special quality experience is not only wonderful but it's often life-changing. I will help you book what will be the best experience for the both of us. 

Some people do not wish to discuss rates and just want to give me a budget to work with and a time-frame and this is perfectly ok. Those who book me are confident knowing that they are going to have an experience with someone who has dedicated so much time to perfecting her craft and knows exactly how to get inside their heads. 

Sometimes for other people, especially those who are new to pro BDSM, they want to know the precise rate, and why the rate costs what it costs and if there is flexibility in that rate. You may want a certain type of appointment but crave something else later and want to know if that is the same cost. These are all valid questions.

What Effects rates?

Rates all start with a basic cost per hour that encompasses most types of appointments. That rate fluctuates up and down from there depending on several factors. This can be confusing to newbies. Why isn't the rate the same for everything we do? Different rates reflect the fairness of what someone is booking in terms of our efforts and time to create the desired appointment. I do not feel that a slavery appointment where someone is paying to clean my dungeon should cost the same as someone who is asking for a heavy medical appointment that would take me 4 hours to clean up and $200 in specialty-ordered ahead of time disposable medical equipment. So I charge the rate that I feel is fair for either appointment. 

Where the session takes place, what the session entails before (prep), during (supply use, energy/skill) and after (after as in, clean-up) and how long of a session you seek, all will qualify for the rate to fluctuate up or down. 

Incall rates at my personal home dungeon are sometimes lower than incall rates when I am on tour in other cities. They tend to be more flexible with multi hour discounts over incall touring rates for certain appointment types. I am seeing a lot of people when on tour and my time is more valuable and the time staying in the city I am in, is short. On tour, offering highly discounted packages isn't common due to the demand in people who want to see me. The tour itself is costing me a lot of money (flight, hotel, ubers) just to BE in that city so generally there is not a lot of wiggle room for discounts. If I am using the dungeon of a Mistress friend while on tour, she is also using that dungeon and I cannot book up all the hours with discounted business. Coming to see me in Delray Beach at my dungeon will almost always give you the best possible rates on very long sessions. 

Outcall has the highest rate because the travel time, travel costs (parking fees, tolls, gas, even FLIGHTS) and careful packing (and unpacking) of my items is taken into account and charged for. Outcalls also sometimes have a minimum amount of booked hours for me to travel there or it doesn't make sense for me to go at all. This means that in order for me to go to Miami for an appointment to your hotel, a 2 hour appointment minimum is required. 



It is very possible to pay lower rates. 

If your appointment involves service-oriented slavery (doing tasks for me such as cleaning or organizing because being a service-oriented slave is your kink), and that is somehow included in your playtime, generally the appointments are lower per hour or the slave is kept around for a while longer afterwards. (See the slavery rates).

If you love abandonment and your appointment requires 1 hour or several hours of abandonment (being left alone safely in a cage or in bondage where the Mistress is not disturbed in any way and in another room) abandonment hours are highly discounted at $200 per hour. This is usually only discounted if the periods of abandonment time are in hour increments and not broken up into periods of time that are smaller than an hour. For example, we play for 2 hours and you are in bondage abandoned for the third hour, and I return for a while and then you are abandoned again for another hour. Or playing for 2 hours, being abandoned for another 2 hours and playing for the 5th and final hour. 

Booking a package of some kind and multi-day scenes are heavily discounted. 

Basic foot fetish appointments are also lower. If you just want to worship feet without any special requests (no special color nail polish, no smelly feet, no foot domination, no domination whatsoever) because you are JUST into foot or high heel or boot fetish/worship on it's own, your appointment is typically a lot lower.

Full Toilet sessions that require being on-call to consume and leave with no other play involved whatsoever (5 to 10 minutes) are $400. 

Booking monthly also can keep your rate down as I reward those who do frequent sessions by keeping someone grandfathered into current lower rates, or reward them every so often with a free session hour.

Bartering can also keep appointments very inexpensive. If you have a useful skill such as doing carpentry work, painting, etc I can trade this work for low cost or even free appointments.

You can also check my social media and website front page for announcements for specials I may be having. 


The more involved an appointment is to pull off the more costly an appointment per hour can be. This means the appointment requires an extremely long clean-up and/or prep which takes many hours of my time. A typical after-appointment clean-up is 30 minutes to an hour but an extremely long clean-up could mean a 3 to 5 hour clean-up. Add this with a 2 hour prep and that's 7 hours before you count the appointment time at all. This is time where I cannot see anyone else for other appointments. 

Where the appointment takes place can also effect the cost because some want me to travel far away to where they are for an outcall.

Any supply costs outside of normally supplied items will be factored into the appointment. Usually elaborate role-plays that require costumes and props that I do not usually have and have to purchase, or very long and extreme medical scenes that require $100 or more worth of disposable costly items are things that are taken into consideration with price. Sometimes people ask for special session items that require them to be shipped overnight which is costly.

A heavy rubber play scene (where I am in head to toe latex, as is my play partner) can cost more as the latex attire and equipment used is fragile and can cost thousands of dollars, plus all of it has to be properly cleaned and stored or it will be ruined and that takes a lot of time. Latex always needs to be repaired immediately when minor rips occur which takes a long time at home for me to do (hours) or I must pay a lot of money to send it out for repair by mail. 

Not to mention, a heavy rubber scene means that everything in the dungeon (all surfaces and floors, etc) is covered in very difficult to get-off and very dangerous to slip on silicone lubricant from the latex itself and the clean-up involved is very intense. I also have to slowly and carefully put on my latex attire because one wrong move and a $900 catsuit is going in the trash, torn beyond any repair. So while I absolutely love heavy rubber scenes, the time spent before and especially afterwards must be paid for accordingly. 

Full toilet scenes. Forced-bi scenes. Adding other Mistress friends of mine into the scene will add more to the fee as well. 

Appointments booked under 24 hours are considered a same-day session and will be a higher fee. This is because I often have to cancel plans or change some plans around to make this unplanned appointment happen. Appointments booked last minute (under 5 hours notice) are no longer considered "same-day" and are now considered "last minute" and are subjected to a last minute hefty session fee. 


Appointments which take place outside the dungeon are typically my above associated rates plus the cost of the location, and an outcall travel fee. This means that if you wish for me to rent a special house for 1 night for your experience, it would be the total cost of the rental, my session rates and outcall fees depending on how far from Delray Beach it is, for me to pack my things and travel to the location, often in advance to set-up. 

Longer multiple day experiences usually have a flat fee, and the fee is based on the cost of the location (the resort, the hotel, the house rental, etc) my travel expenses round-trip (length of travel, flight, luggage, necessary ubers, etc) and what you had in mind for the time we would spend together. It's best to contact me with your vision. Some people would love for me to be at the same hotel they are at for a work trip, where they can sneak away to my room from time to time and submit to, others are seeking an on-going experience where we spend a lot of time together. 



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