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Eden Studios

       Delray Beach, FL

Eden studios is my main location and where I spend most of my time. 

It is one of the largest and most equipped dungeons in the United States, located in a safe and quiet area of beautiful Delray Beach, Florida, near 95 and a few minutes from the famous downtown.

20 minutes is all it takes to get there from the PBI airport, and 40 minutes from the FLL airport. 


Eden Studios is a modern "smart" dungeon, with spacious rooms to play in and modern decor and finishes. 

It has everything you could ever need to do the lightest and easiest

role-play, to the most extreme multiple-day session.

Eden has four main rooms to play in, including one enormous main room with multiple themed areas and a 5th tiny "sleeping chamber" room for overnight appointments of various types. 

There is an impact play room, a cross-dressing parlor, a rubber room and a suspension room featuring domestic areas and touches.

There is also my famous "high heel" corner.

Private parking, private entry, a full kitchen and also a private outdoor area. Eden has color-changing lights to set any type of mood I desire, and every room is equipped with a Bose stereo. 

Whatever you fancy, Eden has it. Eden contains such incredible toys and gear such as 2 Erosteks, over 50 chastity devices, a Venus 2000, and thousands of dollars in bondage hoods and gear from Mr S Leather and Fetters as well as cross-dressing shoes from women's sizes 7 to 14, and just too much to list. 

Special mentions:

-Double-Sided Cross


-Inversion rack

-Bondage board with leather straps

-Spanking bench

-Medical play items

-CBT/anal impalement chair

-Caning bench


-Stockade dining table (used at Femdom dinner parties and in multiple hour slavery appointments)

-2 vac bed types

-Suspension hoist

-Straight jackets and sleep sacks in latex and leather

-Leather suspension bondage suits

-Rubber suits

-Leather butterfly/Puppy suit

-Over 50 Hoods, gas masks including the famous "Sci-Fi" hood. 

-Venus 2000

-A plethora of electrics including 2 Erosteks and a 302R

-Over 60 types of gags

-Treadmill for forced high-heel, ballet boot or pony boot walking

and MUCH MORE!  

My fan site has a LOT of imagery and videos of Eden Studios and the wonderful things I do depicted in videos and images!

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