Couples often seek to enhance their lives through BDSM and many are now choosing to contact a professional in order to show them the ropes. It has become very common! A professional dominatrix can teach a couple about different methods of BDSM and how to apply them safely. I enjoy helping couples have fun and explore new things with one another in a safe environment and I absolutely love seeing them enjoying themselves in my gorgeous South Florida studio. Limitations and permissions are discussed in great depth before any scene begins. 

Here are some different scenarios and ways that couples utilize my expertise: 

-Teaching one partner how to dominate the other, or become enhancing their knowledge about dominating the other partner. Sometimes in relationships, one partner enjoys taking on a submissive role, and the other partner does not know what to do about it. Or, the other partner has learned quite a bit about how to take charge and dominate the submissive partner, but seeks to learn even more. That is where I come in. I enjoy teaching both parties in the relationship how to engage with one another harmoniously. I do this by learning about what both parties are seeking to get out of their kinky time together, and how both of them can get what they desire in a mutually beneficial way. I then create a fun experience that is both educational and kinky, and I participate as much or as little as the couple desires me to. The approach of the time together could be entirely educational, like a hands-on class, or it can be more play-centric. 

-Co-Dominating their partner. Sometimes one partner is dominant and seeks me to join in the fun of  dominating their submissive partner along side them. 

-I dominate BOTH partners: Sometimes both partners are submissive and enjoy being dominated by me together. I enjoy doing activities with them being separated in different sides of the dungeon, as well as with them together in the same scene. I even enjoy tying them together in fun and erotic positions! 

-One partner likes to watch: One partner may desire to sit on the sidelines the entire time just observing some or all of the play between myself and the submissive partner. This could be for entertainment reasons, supportive reasons, or educational reasons. 

-One partner co-conspires from afar: Sometimes one partner desires to plan a fun evening for their submissive with me and they enjoy having fun with the planning from taking them to the studio, or arranging some fun surprises or are involved in some way from afar in the fun, such as watching on webcam, calling on the phone during the playtime to listen or add fun "threats" or other creative ideas. 

Some examples of things I teach couples very often are: bondage, impact play (using toys such as paddles, whips, canes, straps, etc to inflict pain safely), slavery training, protocol and it's utilization (husband is a slave or wife is a slave for example), sissy training/sissy service and much more. 


I do allow private studio rental on a case-by-case basis. The studio can be rented for hourly use, overnight use or several day long stays in total privacy with use of the entire studio, toys and kitchen, bedroom and restrooms to create the romantic evening or weekend of your dreams. To inquire, or see what I would require for you to have use of my space, see the application below.