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Couples classes are not just for romantic couples, they can also be for play partners as well.


Intro to BDSM/Dungeon Tour (2 hours, $600)


For the curious newbie or couple. Let’s meet in regular clothes at my studio to discuss your interests, 

answer questions, and tour the facility. I will show you the vast collection of toys that I have, and what would be used in our future time together. 

Perhaps you would like to get a feel for being cuffed and helpless, or what a flogger might feel like for a moment. What do electric toys feel like? Does being in a cage make you feel claustrophobic? How about being in a hood? 

This is not a play appointment, but a laid-back, less scary introduction, where you can try out a few things with no pressure to submit at all. In this time together, you should get comfortable with being in my facility and getting to know me, which might lead to a future appointment someday. We won’t be engaging in a scene but we can try out how a few things might feel briefly to see what you might like and not like. 


Couples Class 1 at Eden Studios (2 hours, $700)


For a couple who wishes to explore BDSM and would like a gentle and easy-going class on how to start, or what to do next. In this class we will discuss both of your goals and past experience (if any), and I will guide you on what you should be learning and focusing on next, with my assistance. We will tour the studio and I will show you positions of body placement, as well as toys to use, to reach your goals. We will also discuss how to set up exciting scenarios for play and date nights, as well as conquering fears and how to “let go.” There is no pressure to do anything except talk and look at equipment and toys, this is not a play experience, it is a coaching class. You can come for as many coaching experiences as you like. 


Couples Class 2 at Eden Studios (3 hours, $900)


For a couple who wants an in-depth education on their kinky interests and how to perform those interests safely and properly. We will spend a lot of time discussing your goals and the psychology behind them as well as going over scenarios, skill development and safety. Practice on one another as I coach you. I can if necessary, bring in a practice bottom for rope, flogging and more if the situation calls for one. Topics commonly taught: slavery to a Master or Mistress including positions and protocols, bondage, impact play and pain, creative scenes including your kinky interests (let’s put it all together) and more.  


Couples Experience 1 (2 hours $900)


Sometimes the thrill is in the voyeurism. Have a few sips of wine or champagne and a nice chat before we begin. Then we get to the fun. One partner watches as I dominate the other. 

(Optional) Switch places with your partner halfway. (2hrs $1,100)


Couples Experience 2 (2 hours $900)


Have a few sips of wine or champagne before we begin, while we have a nice chat. Co-dominate your partner with me. Let’s share the fun in their submission. 

(Optional) Switch places with your partner halfway (2hrs $1,100)


Couples Experience 3 (2hrs $1,200)


Have a few sips of wine or champagne and a nice chat before we begin. Both of you will then submit yourselves over to me for fun as I dominate you both simultaneously, within your comfort zone. 


BDSM Coaching 1 on 1 (2 hours minimum depending on goals, inquire for rates)

Are you kinky but want to become more knowledgeable and skillful in a particular area of kink? I am here to help. From rope, to whips to developing mind-blowing, elaborate scenes, I will help you become your best self. This mentorship may or may not require me or you to bring in a person to practice on, depending on your desired goals.

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