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Below are very common appointment types that I do.

If you are not sure about an activity that I do, just ask.
Please also see down below for more info and frequency asked questions. 

If you want to see some of my appointments in action, join my fan site!


Corporal Punishment

 Punishing the male for his insubordination is necessary, and always brings a smile to my face. One must suffer the consequences of their actions, with a proper sentence, delivered with a stern and accurate hand. Can you handle a corporal punishment appointment? Paired with interrogation and time in lock-up, this is sure to be a memorable delivering of justice.  


Impact play-

For the beginner masochist who wants to try taking some mild pain sensations, to the experienced heavy masochist who wants his limits pushed, impact play is what you need and I am here to deliver. Spankings to leather straps, floggers of different softnesses, and a plethora of canes and whips for different sensations, you are in the hands of one of the most skilled impact-play enthusiasts in the industry. I will teach you proper breathing techniques if necessary, and push you in the ways you need to be pushed, safely and skillfully. Let’s go to places you’ve always wanted to go. I will show you how to work on your pain tolerance while I enjoy every minute of watching you suffer. 


Spanking / Domestic Discipline-

One of my specialties is domestic discipline, and this is where my practices in BDSM began. I have a vast knowledge of all of the ways you make you feel punished, especially over my knee. Your pants will be yanked down, your ear will be grabbed and your sit-spots will hurt. It’s for your own good, I’m afraid.  Don’t make me have to grab the wooden hairbrush this time, or the belt (or a barber strap!). I will make sure you have the punishment you need. Maybe you need maintenance spankings to keep you behaving like a good boy. I know all of the tricks to make you feel good and punished. Don’t for one moment think I am not going to want you to stand in the corner and think about what you’ve done, especially with that red bottom of yours facing me. 


Cock and Ball Torture (CBT)-

I am skilled in various ways to torture you, from mild to brutal. I will pace your torment so you can last through an appointment, but I will increase the intensity to what I see that you can handle, and even a bit more! It is for my enjoyment after all, isn’t it? There are endlessly creative ways to torment you between my bare hands and the plethora of toys that fill my many cabinets. From various ball crushers and Kali’s teeth, to electrics, sounds and so much more, I am incredibly skilled in the art of male genital tortures. I delight in the beginner or lighter player who wants a taste in some very mild torment, just as I relish in the heavy masochist who surrenders all control to me to torture as I see fit, for as long and as much as I wish. Having your most sensitive and most vulnerable parts in my firm hands is the power trip I live for!




I have years of practice being the mean girl in school and I kick HARD. I love watching you fall down in pain, knowing it’s shooting through your stomach. Sometimes I like to restrain you so you can’t stop my kicks with your hands, or close your legs. Perhaps you’ll become sterile with all of these nasty kicks! While I DO want to obliterate your balls, I will pace myself so you can handle an entire appointment. Also, I know how to properly kick balls in, (and that's NOT with my toes). 


 Nipple Torture (NT)-

A part of your body that can bring pleasure and pain, nipples cannot be overlooked as a form of stimulation. They can be used so easily to torment you with and turn you into putty in my hands. Mild little touches can drive a man insane and the right painful predicaments can send someone to states of ecstasy and submission. I have mild to severe clamps as well as weights, suckers, lickers,  vibrating and electric torment toys all waiting for you. Have you sensitive sensual players had the experience of being played with with liquids and different tactile sensations yet? What are you waiting for? 


Slave Training-

One of my specialties is slave training. I especially love domestically trained slaves as well as teaching them how to perform in a high protocol household. I love slave training so much, I created a world-famous event, based on a initial part of my teachings ( Learn how to properly serve a Mistress and make her happy. Learn my positions and protocols. Be punished for disobeying your Mistress. Learn what it means to become an owned servant, molded to be used as I see fit, bending to my whim. 



It’s no surprise that you just walk around with a man costume on all day, when really you’re a sissy, weak for the commands of Mistress. Mistress knows who you really are, slut, and she is going to ensure that you become the best sissy she has ever had in her dungeon. After we throw that man costume away, Mistress will feminize you as much as she deems fit. The more feminine you are, the happier I am! Panties! Stockings! Ruffles! Bows! Pinks and purples! Let’s grab the petticoat and make you even MORE over the top! How fun!  OH MY! How do we make it even MORE feminine? No trace of masculinity will be left by the time I am done with you, and then your training will properly begin. Will you be a dungeon sissy maid for Mistress, or her trained slut? What paths will we walk down? Don’t forget, we need that clit LOCKED UP in chastity, because that doesn’t belong to you anymore. You serve Mistress now! Don’t even get me started on my DIAPERED sissies!

Do I love sissification? Check out my Sissy Weekend!


Crossdressing submission-

We both know that she needs to come out from time to time, and I love bringing out the woman in you. In here, she can come out and play all she wants. Let’s make her pretty, try new make-up. Maybe we do some nails today. Finding the perfect outfit is fun and the right heels? The icing on the cake! Does she want to try a new hair color today? Walking in heels is always a good lesson, as is the right feminine mannerisms. I cannot wait to see her shine! But she’s got a naughty secret doesn’t she? She’s kinky and submissive, and needs a firm Mistress to dominate her and turn her into a pretty little toy for her pleasure.



Bondage creates helplessness, and helplessness creates vulnerability. What will happen when I can do as I wish with you, and you can’t stop me? There’s nothing more thrilling and erotic as a man who is at my mercy. Squirm all you want, but you can’t escape. In fact, I’d love to watch you try! Can you feel how snug those ropes are? How about the arm binders? 

A simple set of cuffs can create a new power dynamic, one in which you are now under my control. But bondage is not limited to merely just cuffs. Helplessness can be amplified as much as we wish to turn up the dial.

Bondage is a speciality of mine, and one in which I am quite good. I am so good, that people visit here from across the globe just to be dangled helplessly from my ceiling like a marionette, or put into multiple days of confinement and captivity.

Bondage, especially to those who are new to bondage, must be taken slowly because feeling safe is the key to everything. Without the feeling of safety and trust, you cannot explore the deeper and more satisfying levels of bondage. Sometimes items like confining hoods must be slowly tried out. Bondage must be done safely as you can suffer nerve damage (or worse) if not seeing an expert for more intense types of play. 

 I do all types of bondage from the most simplistic and escapable for the new and nervous, to the most extremely confining experiences. Rope, mummification, arm binders, splints, sleep sacks, straight jackets, vac beds, Inflatable latex, cocoons, bondage suspension suits, puppy/butterfly suits, mitts and so much more as well as a collection of over 50 types of hoods.


Sensory Deprivation-

Usually used in combination with bondage, I have all of the hoods, blindfolds, sound-cancelling headphones and ear plugs to disconnect you from the outside world. In fact, maybe you'll only hear what I want you to hear? Maybe you'll be reprogrammed through intense audio stimulation. My Nova Pro is fabulous for this, as are my pre-recorded audio files for different reprograming scenes. 


Rubber/Latex Fetish-

There is nothing like the sensation of latex against your skin. Rubber fetishists know that even the smells and sounds of it are pure ecstasy. Not only do I personally own a vast latex wardrobe for myself from catsuits to gowns, gloves, hoods and boots, but I also have some rubber wardrobe for men and even some lucky rubber dolls and sissy maids. Hoods, gas masks, bondage gear and more, you won’t find a collection like this anywhere else in the state. 


Leather Fetish-

My leather collection is definitely one to marvel at. With a closet full of leather attire and boots, I have the leather wardrobe to entice any leather fetishist and make him weak before me. I own at least a dozen different types of leather gloves, and have everything from large coats to dresses, floor length skirts, vests, bras, panties, corsets and more. I also own a leather bondage and hood collection that you won’t find anywhere else in the state.



Fantasies can be powerful, and a fun escape. Sometimes people want to live out a fantasy, which involves kinky elements. I have played many roles from teacher to boss, secretary, to characters such as Catwoman capturing and tormenting Batman. 


Slut Training-

How much can you take? How slutty will you be for me? Let’s push your limits and make you take it until you can’t take it anymore. You should be a used whore and that’s just how I am going to treat you. Power exchange only happens if someone else has power in the first place, and it doesn’t look like you have any power to me, not when you’re throwing yourself over the sofa and spreading your ass like that, or dropping to your knees before me. You need to be turned inside out. 

DISCLAIMER: I do film slut training videos, but slut-training appointments are not legal in some states and not taken everywhere. 




Foot/High Heel/ Boot Worship-

I thoroughly enjoy having my beautiful size 8, high-arched pedicured feet worshipped. You should be under my feet, making sure my feet are thoroughly cared for. My high heel and boot collection is vast, and you'll be licking a large collection of beautiful shoes and boots. I even own a pair of latex boots, and designer leather boots. I love dangling my high heels, while you salivate, waiting for the shoe to drop. I also love ignoring you while you are my foot rest under my desk. 



Nothing makes me happier than to laugh and smile at your expense. You will frequently find yourself in the most embarrassing of circumstances, thanks to my wicked imagination. It’s a true enjoyment to see how far I can push your limits. Perhaps you DO need to be in women’s panties under your clothes at the mall, or I can have you put on a hilariously curated display for myself and my girlfriends! 



You are less than me, and I will consistently remind you of it. There are so many different ways for me to remind you of exactly who and what you are, that it’ll make your head spin. My words are swift and cruel. My disapproving gaze, so demeaning. You will never feel equal. You will be my pig, my toilet, my filthy doormat, my spittoon, and anything else I feel fits you. Your mouth, perhaps just a receptical. Your body, a rug to wipe my muddy boots on. I want you to feel the contempt and disdain in my voice as you are filled with my harsh words. I am not afraid to go to extreme lengths to do it. 


Pony Play / Puppy Play- 

Pet play can be a lot of fun, and a great way for you to lose yourself. Give you control and become the creature that I want you to be. I will train you how to behave and do tricks for me. I have a collection of pony and puppy play gear, in leather. (I do have a latex dog hood). My Indomitus Estate has pony carts and a barn for the full pony experience.


Human Ashtray/Smoking fetish-

I blow beautiful smoke rings and enjoy filling you with my smoke and ashes. As a former smoker, I know what you need. Since I am no longer a smoker, I only take these types of appointments if the submissive or fetishist agrees that I will only have a single cigarette. If the appointment is booked purely for heavy smoking/ashtray use for most of the appointment, I no longer do that type of play. I enjoy a taste of it, but not as the entire appointment itself for my own health concerns. 


Sweat/Scent Play /Training-

You will know my wonderful scent, and will be able to pick me out of a line-up by the time I am done with you. Inhale my scent as I instruct. Inhale my crotch, armpits and/or feet as I command you to. 

Gallery Coming Soon

Toilet Training-

Making you a receptacle is something that absolutely delights me. I enjoy pushing your limits and making you take it, by force if necessary. I love how objectifying it can be, and also how intimate. 


Breath Play-

 I love controlling the air you breathe. I decide how much of it I want you to have. Putting my leather or latex gloved hands over your mouth and nose, I will control it all. Perhaps tube gags are in order, gas masks, or plastic bags right over your head. Watching you gasp and writhe turns me on. (Safe breath-play situations only).

Gallery Coming Soon

Tease and Denial-

 I know exactly what you want, and it delights me to remind you that you will never have it. My beautiful face and body with have you under my hypnotic spell, but I will always be just out of reach. You grow weaker, staring at what could never be yours. 

Other common play themes/activites:

Face-slapping, branding, ear-pulling, head-scissors, head-shaving, tease and denial, diapering, human furniture /objectification, and select ABDL

Other types of Session Themes / FAQ

Q: Do you engage in ABDL (adult baby/diaper lovers) sessions?

A:  I see adult babies only on a case by case basis. I have a deep understanding for their need to be their little-self, how they need nurture, carefree playtime, cathartic naps, etc.

 I don’t offer breastfeeding nor do I change number 2 diapers so I may not be the right Mommy choice for some.  I have a few “babies” who have been seeing me for almost 10 years now.  It’s best to just ask. It never hurts to inquire. I can be sweet and nurturing, and also stern and strict, depending on the situation. 

As far as diapers in general on their own, I LOVE using diapers for humiliation or degradation purposes, and treating men like babies for humiliating mean punishment experiences. For example, I’m the Mother who is mad at my son for coming home past curfew for the last time and he behaves immaturely when confronted, so I punish him by treating him like a baby for a period of time. “You’re going to act like a baby, then I’ll treat you like one!” Or playing the cruel sister or neighbor who traps you and you’re stuck being treated like a baby as instructed for a period of time and humiliated, even being made to go in your diaper as a form of humiliation and even get a spanking and more.  

Q. Do you offer wrestling appointments?


A: I do not offer wrestling appointments, but I am fond of head scissoring. The reason I do not offer wrestling, even fantasy wrestling, is because many times women accidentally become injured and now cannot take appointments for days, sometimes weeks. I've heard many stories of a man simply landing the wrong way on accident, or she twists the wrong way and she is now badly injured with a sprained wrist, or pulled back muscle. Many friends of mine have been injured this way. 

Q: Do you do sensual domination/tease and denial?

A: Yes. I do engage in more sensual teasing and denial appointments but usually not as the entire appointment theme by itself. If the appointment doesn’t include other types of kinky activities and I am just expected to be a tease, it’s not really my cup of tea. Teasing and denying should have a point to it. Perhaps there is chastity. Words of humiliation can be fun. Degradation undertones. Face-slapping. Spitting. There needs to be other elements to this or else I am not going to enjoy myself. I’m a domiantrix and while I can be quite teasing, being a tease is not what I want to be reduced down to. 

Q: Do you engage in taboo role plays such as race play? Executrix?

A: I actually do, but because I know that it’s just a fantasy someone deeply wishes to safely explore with someone who doesn’t judge them for it, and not at all how I truly feel about them (or about anyone) in real life. In fact, many of my clients into this and I are hugging one another and sharing a lot of love when it’s over. We both know that this is a deeply erotic but taboo fantasy they can’t get with most people who don’t understand it and they are so beyond grateful that I understand it and understand them. I offer a judgement free zone. I will not hesitate to turn down appointments if I feel it goes beyond comfort levels or if someone asks me to play dangerously (in particular with the executrix themes) but so far everyone has been really great and healthy-minded. 

Q: Do you offer financial domination?

A: I do offer financial domination and I am surprisingly wickedly good at it. However, my style is unique in the sense that I want my subs to suffer in different ways when I am being spoiled. I dislike to be spoiled just because “I said so” as there is always some tormenting task attached to tributes and shopping. I’m a “Mistress,” not a “Princess” if that makes any sense. If I am being bought new designer shoes, I’m going to want to step on you with them. That being said, if a sub cannot suffer for me due to timing or distance, I will never turn down gifts. 

Q: Do you offer appointments with more than one Mistress?

A: Yes. As long as I know in advance, I can definitely make an appointment happen with the Mistress friends of mine who I feel would enjoy and fit the appointment the best.  Mistresses have even flown in to join me for some experiences. 

Q: Do you offer public humiliation appointments?

A: Yes as long as the people around us aren’t going to be in view of or a part of something sexual/inappropriate or something that can cause the police being called. I am into playful pubic play or covert (hidden from view) play where items are hidden under clothing (such as you wearing panties, a butt plug, a chastity device, etc) but we both know it’s there and no one else does. If you want to push the envelope, we can perhaps go to a fetish party where you can have more of yourself and what I am doing to you on display for others to look at. 

Q. Can I take you out to dinner first and get to know you before an appointment? Do you have a social rate? Or could I just show up an hour or 2 early and we just hang out and talk a lot before the appointment?

A. This is absolutely possible and I would enjoy that you feel comfortable before we begin. I have a special rate for this. 

Q: Do you do outcall to me?

A: I only do outcalls with those who have impeccable references from at least 2 other currently working professional Mistresses to ensure my safety, or those I have personally seen incall and feel safe doing outcall with. 

Q: What kinds of activities do you not do?

A: I do not engage in ass worship/licking, or any genitalia licking/worship, no hand jobs. I do not switch or submit. 


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