My Personal Locations For Appointments 

I personally own 3 studio locations to choose from, one in Long Island, NY and two in South Florida.  I am generally based out of at Eden Studios in Delray Beach. That is where I hold most of my appointments and spend the most time. 

I also have access to the play spaces of other wonderful women in places such as Washington DC, Denver CO, and so many others. 



Eden Studios is my private multi-room dungeon in Delray Beach, Florida. Eden studios is a part of the top 10 most equipped private dungeons on the East Coast of the United States, with 2,800 sq ft of space, 4 large themed rooms to play as well as some comforts for longer periods of stay such as a kitchen, multiple bathrooms and a private yard and patio. This dungeon houses over $60,000 in BDSM furniture, toys and gear. There are also domestic themed areas for those types of scenes. It's all finished with spectacular decor, large wall mirrors and private parking. This is a wonderful place to have a first experience, and also a wonderful place for those who are very experienced players. This is also a spectacular place for multiple day appointments. Featuring an impact play room, a suspension/domestic room, a rubber room and a medical suite complete with sissy wardrobe for a sissy army and a wall of high heels to make a heel fetishist fall to his knees. This also features an isolation room for heavy bondage which changes it’s padded appearance to become a decompression room for after-session rest and an overnight sleeping chamber. 

 Not to mention, you are a few miles down the road from all the action of famous downtown Atlantic Avenue and the beautiful beach. Sometimes couples enjoy renting my studio to play in.  Eden studios is only 20 minutes from the Palm Beach airport (PBI), 35 minutes from the Fort Lauderdale airport (FLL) and an hour from the Miami airport (MIA). Many people who decide to come to town to vacation and play, find themselves staying in the hip and vibrant area of downtown Delray (at the Seagate, the Grand Opal, the history Colony, or the brand-new ALOFT or COURTYARD MARIOT) where they can walk to the beach, restaurants and shopping, and choose to take a quick Uber over to the dungeon and have no use of a rental car. 



Have you ever dreamed of being at such legendary places as Club Dom, The English Mansion or the OWK? This property is actually the former estate of the legendary company. Come to a large home and barn dungeon on almost 6 private acres in total seclusion as you live out your fantasies of serving and suffering for me and possibly my Mistress friends. Serve and suffer both indoors and outdoors as you can pull pony carts, be punished outside in stockades or on crosses. This is the home of my world famous slavery event the Order Of Indomitus. Appointments in this exclusive and famous location have a 4 hour minimum booking. I regularly have very long, even multi-day experiences here, usually with intense slavery training but also pony play, extreme bondage and some intensely sadistic and creative scenes. 



Closing up in late 2021, my beloved private Long Island dungeon where it all started has been a wonderful escape for over a decade for Northeastern subs slaves and bottoms. Hidden in plain sight on the Nassau/Suffolk border, it has been Long Island's best kept secret. A very equipped space, it contains two large themed rooms complete with cross, spanking bench, bondage table, an enormous slavery cage, jail cell, motorized medical bed with segufix restrain system, motorized dentist chair and suspension points.