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Two Femdom Events, One week
Den of the Divine, and Sissy Weekend 

Femdom Experiences
Long Island, NY this Feb 2024

Den Of the Divine: An intimate Femdom weekend

February 16th 6pm to 18th noon. Additional, optional nights to serve us: Feb 18th and 19th

Myself, Miss Isobel Devi, Rubber Barbie, Lady Elizabeth, and possibly a few others, will be accepting only a small group of slaves for slave-training and serving our needs. Slaves will be taught the Order of Indomitus protocols and rules of service. They will then tend to our every need, becoming enslaved to us for the 2 glorious evenings. Slaves will be doing tasks, used as our playthings, and doing anything we wish, within their abilities with their limits respected. There will be NO outdoor activities as it is Feb. We will be maxing out at 8 slaves, and space is limited. Slaves will be sleeping in beds, perhaps in shackles etc if we wish. Or perhaps we have other plans, depending on the particular slave. Slaves will be auctioned off each day to serve a particular Mistress each day. We will be inviting more Mistresses, as more slaves apply, so there will be a great ratio. We may also have guest Mistresses gracing us with their presence. The actual event is from the 16 to 18th. Should a servant wish to continue staying and serving, the 18th could also be booked, as can the 19th for largely discounted rates. The difference is that the 18th and 19th are more organic and there is no schedule of event activities. You will truly be tending to the needs of the Mistresses. Those who cannot attend the 16th-18th event, cannot attend the 18th and/or 19th evenings for steep discounts, they'd have to still contribute a regular event level fee for the 18th and 19th evenings. ALL KINKY PEOPLE, in all gender identities, are welcome to attend. You can be a sissy, a gimp, a masochist, your kinky interests do not matter. Only you being a service-oriented slave matters. 

Are you interested? Want to apply?

Read these FAQs

Q. How do I apply? 

A. Read all the FAQs here and THEN apply AFTER. The answer on how to apply is the last question.

Q. What is the cost? 

A. It includes meals and a room to sleep in.

The event (Den of Divine and Sissy) is $3,000

Additional, added nights are $1,000 for 1 additional night and $500 for the second additional night. 

Q. Is there a discount to attend both events and the days in between (arriving Feb 16th and leaving Feb 22nd)

Q. How big will the events be?

A. Most likely 3 to 5 women and 6 to 8 slaves. Not very large.  

Q. What website is this on?

A. These experiences will not be posted on any website except this page you are looking at now. This is because, it is coming up soon and there is no time to craft an entire website for these things. They aren't that complex. In the future, yes, there will be designated websites for situations like the Sissy event which already has a website actually. I may not update that sissy website for this Feb event. Time is better spent doing other important things for now, for the good of all future events. 

Q. Can I bring my own Mistress and can I only serve her?

A. You need to run by us who this Mistress is. Should we not know who she is, she must be interviewed. You are responsible for her vetting. She must be safe and sane and follow all rules. There are no drugs and drinking allowed here except for an occasional glass of wine at the end of a night when play is over. 

You can exclusively serve just your own Mistress if that is something both of you feel comfortable doing, alongside the group. 

Q. Are you still having events at your new estate?

A. Yes. This time-frame are when final repairs are happening. May will bring a femdom garden party gala and the Fall will bring more in-depth events and private experiences. 

Q. When is payment due?

A. 50% is due up front to secure your place. The other 50% is due Feb 1st. 

Q. Are there refunds? 

A. Unless I have to personally cancel the event, there are no refunds if you cannot attend. This cannot be used towards a future event. 

Q. How do I apply?

Email me at

(copy/paste/fill out the following info for me) 


1. Name 

2. Email / phone # (phone # optional)  

3. References from 2 Pro Dommes who know you 

4. Event you are interested in:

     A. Private slavery exp 14th-16th 

     B. Den of the Divine 16th-18th 

     C. Sissy Weekend 20th-22nd  

5. Additional nights desired? 

    A. The 18th

    B. The 19th 

6. Kinky Interests? 

7. Limits?

8. Any particular goals you have? 

9. Any concerns or questions?

10. Any food allergies or health concerns?

11. What skills do you have? (you're a great cook, you know how to clean latex, you are pretty handy, you don't have specific skills you can think of, but are very eager to help in any way you can)

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