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The job and lifestyle of a Mistress of my caliber is a fun, but chaotic and difficult one, although it is a labor of love and that love does have it's rewards. I truly love what it is that I do.

I have been a dominatrix since late 2007. Throughout that time, I have managed to have an enormous rate of returning regular submissives and too many outstandingly positive reviews to count. I have been there for my clientele to educate and support them and I consider many people I play with to also be my friends. I have moved from New York to South Florida and managed to build out 4 dungeon studios in my time as a Mistress (I currently own one in NY and two in Florida) and I have poured a lot of my income back into my business in the form of toys and gear, so I always have been able to provide a safe, clean and very equipped environment for my slaves, subs, fetishists and bottoms to play in. I have created the Order Of Indomitus as well as Eden which have been two unique and mind-blowing events of which people have never experienced before. I have endlessly supported other women and have given countless hours of time to educating people on the internet whom I have never met before on female domination. 

I have written a guide on this very website for newbies that took me a very long time to write, all to help people I have never met become more educated in making more informed decisions on booking a dominatrix, steering many men away from potentially bad experiences. 

This all has been a labor of love, my passion, I cannot imagine myself doing anything else with my life! However, this kind of pace is hard to keep up and even if I had all of the slaves in the world assisting me, I cannot keep up this pace forever. 

People always want to contribute to my life and those contributions, even the smallest ones go a very long way. 

Here are ways that you can gift and contribute:

Home Depot gift cards (this goes into my dungeon design/build/repair/cool gadgets). You can buy them in cash and bring them to sessions or send them to my email electronically from their website using a credit card. 

BDSM gear: Is there something I do not own that you wish I did? Why not gift it to my dungeon so it is always there for you!

STARBUCKS: Always a useful giftcard

My vacation fund: I enjoy and deserve a luxurious yearly vacation but working for yourself means that you do not get a paid vacation.

My amazon wishlist for personal items: AMAZON WISHLIST

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