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After my wild New York dungeon parties became popular, I used my experience to curate a legendary CFNM event in South Florida. Not long after, I created several incredible events, which are now world-famous and some are being duplicated (with permission) across the globe. 

Bound- A small, limited-space event for those who love to be held captive and tormented by Guardesses throughout a 4 hour minimum stay, with periods of abandonment. Choose to be captive in a private room, unseen by other captives or an exhibitionist captive in the open, near another male captive exhibitionist. In your captivity, you are imprisoned based on your interests (heavy bondage, cages) and tormented based on those interests and limitations, and frequently left while you listen to the moans of the torments of other captives. READ MORE 

The Order Of Indomitus- An action-packed, fun and challenging weekend of slavery to Dominant women. Enter a world where you will learn what it means to be a real slave, auctioned off and put to work serving the women of the estate. Pull pony carts, become hunted in slavery hunts, and earn your unique slave number which you will leave with the honor of having forever.

Eden- An opulent weekend-long slavery event, set in a sprawling beachfront mansion estate (and soon to be at an upscale overseas Mansion resort). Mistresses trade leather for ball-gowns, costumes and bikinis as they become Queens and Goddesses who rule over all as they vacation and enjoy themed evening dinners, served by slaves. Indomitus slaves (men who have attended the Order Of Indomitus, and earned their slavery number) are the first who are able to sign up. Any available space which is left, is heavily coveted.

Sissy Weekend- A weekend long sissification event (we also welcome submissive cross-dressers, rubber dolls, and anyone who loves feminization who is submissive). Serve dominant women in a household as your sissy-self for the weekend. You will be in several outfits and participate in fun games and kinky play for the entertainment and joy of the Mistresses of the house.

Night Queens- An invite-only party at Eden Studios, that I host, which bring together the dominant women and submissive men of South Florida, as well as special visiting guests from out of town. Occasional theme nights (rubber, goddess, Halloween).

Dinner is optional, just before the party begins and a lucky slave will be chosen to become the table centerpiece. After dinner, the party is a wild and wonderful experience for all. Go HERE 


Due to covid 19, some events and parties are on hold and it is unknown when they are returning. Do check their respective websites or here for the latest information. 

NOVEMBER 6th-8th 2021  Order Of Indomitus (Covid precautions in place)

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