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You booked a day and time.  Now what do you do? 


 If nothing is heard within an hour of you booking a day and time regarding your deposit, you don't have a session at all. This keeps me from preparing for things we don't have booked after all and wasting my time. 

You have to deposit for your session, each and every time (yes regulars of mine have to as well and they all happily do it). This is an industry standard procedure. The deposit tells me you are serious in me holding your time and it secures your timeframe of play with me so it is not given to another. Should you cancel, I miss out on someone else trying to book for that time slot and with my limited time in each city, it's detrimental to my livelihood as I now cannot book anyone else last minute in that time-slot. So deposits are absolutely mandatory. Deposits are non-refundable, however there is a chance that I can move your session to the following day or to a different timeframe, as long as I am not previously booked up. If I am, you are out of luck, but I will make the effort. 

I am a very in-demand Mistress and my time is precious and little, but if possible, I will try to work with you. Deposits cannot be used for a future tour. It is also a large part of my own personal safety procedure. 

Your deposit is due immediately after booking your day/time and getting the green light, which means you will be sending it electronically (Paypal preferred, amazon ok) or letting me know that you are on your way to a store to buy a physical amazon gc in cash so you do not have a questionable credit card trail, and I should have the deposit by ___ time today.

If I am in a city where I may be renting a dungeon from another Mistress for our time together, I need a deposit ASAP before her dungeon becomes unavailable. I may have to give HER a deposit to hold a spot at her dungeon for us. I may need time to plan my travel there. 

Until you deposit, my mind is not on your session. This means, I am not preparing for your session mentally (coming up with amazing ideas for our time together) or physically (going out to buy something I need for it, arranging furniture in the studio a certain way, repairing that special latex hood, ordering something off of the internet). Often people assume they can send a deposit "whenever." That is disrespectful and not how a dominatrix works. "Oh I didn't know if I was going to be available today after all which is why I didn't send anything last night" or "I'll send it tonight" (and 2 days go by) isn't going to get you a session, only a rejection. 

Deposits for all of the cities I tour are 50% of the total tribute. So if your appointment is $900, the deposit is $450 and you arrive with $450 cash. I dislike 

people showing up expecting to pay the balance electronically. I will accept this in some circumstances. 

Electronic payments of any kind like electronic giftcards or paypal go to:, even PAYPAL.

If you buy a physical amazon gift card, scratch off the silver foil on the back and send the 10 digit code. Do not scratch too hard and scratch off the code and do not throw the card away until it is confirmed that I have it as people often mistype. A better thing to do is to take a photo of the code. That way you cannot mistype it. 

I do not accept CASHAPP at this time.


You will be given my number and general area of my studio when you deposit. 

If you suddenly have an idea or something to ask, by all means email me in advance about it. The day of your session you will text or call the number I give you 2 hours prior to your appointment to confirm we are still on (sometime emergencies happen, or cold feet). No call/text = no appointment. I ALWAYS answer OR respond via text if I am in an appointment. If I do not, your message was not received. Try again. Make sure you have the number typed correctly (common mistake). 

The address is given out when you confirm 2 hours prior. I do not give it out in an email. When people get themselves caught doing this it is always because of an accidental mishap with their email being seen by someone (wife, co-worker) because they didn't clear their web browsing history that one time. I would like it wiped from your GPS and texts after you leave. I do not need an angry wife at my door causing a scene or potentially harming me. 

Shower. Shave if you need to (especially for cbt). If you are into being a slut, prepare for that internally (endless how-to's online available). 

The perfect time of arrival is no sooner than 5 minutes before our scheduled time. I plan for some talking before we begin, and for some after. Your session time is not "we are starting at 3pm" but more so the time you are showing up. We may start playing at 3:15. You also have time at the end to shower and put yourself back together if you need to. If you find yourself in the area very early, tell me, and if I happen to be available to take you immediately, I will let you know. Never arrive early and wait outside the studio, or hotel. This invades my privacy, the privacy of a slave bringing me items from an errand, or someone leaving from their appointment. Never arrive in the area early expecting me to take you earlier. Most often, I can't, I planned my day around arriving at my studio at a precise time to prepare to see you. 


Some people want to bring me something as a token of their appreciation. This is very sweet but by no means expected or mandatory. I run on coffee, not wine. I love Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, both are frequented. I gave over 60 bottles of wine and 12 bottles of liquor way several years ago to a cancer fundraiser, from people bringing me alcohol as gifts. I rarely drink. Wine usually goes in my cooking. As much as people assume I am covered in jewels and drinking wine in a bubble bath, I am actually gardening, snorkeling or getting my hands dirty with a project running back and forth to Home Depot. Home Depot gift cards make me squeal with delight. This also means, my nails are always getting ruined. I go to Venetian Nail Spa. I like to unwind at The Lapis Spa and go out to dinner often in Downtown Delray at Deck 84, the Grove and other spots along Atlantic Avenue. 

Still have questions? TEXT/CALL ME

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