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Day Experiences 

Day experiences are specially curated packaged experiences spent with me,

Day Packages are a  $1,600 minimum. The time is divided by how my time is valued depending on chosen activities. They can consist of private playtime as well as social time (dinner, shopping, theater, etc). An experience can be a 4 hour private play experience only ($1,600) or a 2 hour private play experience with a long dinner and an outing. Should you wish to add dinner, massages or any other activities outside of our private play, do know that the cost will be covered by you.

Commonly booked day experiences:

A Long Day of Torment

The day begins with calls, cam, texts, photos, emails, or audio recording (depending on your privacy/what we discuss) of me tormenting you for the time ahead. 

You are consistently sent taunting, teasing content or assignments to do for me. I know this is driving you crazy all morning and afternoon. We finally meet for

private playtime where the fantasy becomes reality and you submit for my amusement for hours. You are now fully under my control.

Casual Day and Play  


Take Mistress out for a long meal, and let’s get to know one another, or let us catch up if it has been a while. We can then go back to my studio, or where I may be playing when traveling, and have some fun. We end the scene with a nice glass of wine and some pleasant conversation. You may, if you are service-oriented, give Mistress a foot massage. (We can also substitute dinner for breakfast or lunch, or have the meal after the scene).


Day of High Protocol Service
(5 hours)


Be my personal slave and serve my every need for the day. Learn my protocol and slavery positions. Do as I say. In your collar and chastity device, you will do chores, massage me, and pamper me. You will do all tasks perfectly. Your interests will be mildly incorporated into your servitude, to keep things entertaining for me. You will love being at my service as you wash my hair, pamper me and learn how to do it exactly as I want it done. You will lay at my feet or go into a cage while I eat lunch, and if you are lucky you'll eat your lunch out of a dog bowl or off of a plate on the floor.

☼ Service in the Sunshine ☼


You are my slave or my bitch at a local Florida resort where you have a room for the night. We spend the day in the sunshine (or shade) where you pamper Mistress poolside. Perhaps you are locked in chastity under your trunks. Rub sunblock on me and do as I say. We can incorporate mild public displays of service to women or harmless humiliation. You will fetch me cold refreshments and a poolside meal. We will end the day in your room where I will torment you privately, the cherry on top of the whole day. You will be left to relax and get a night of sleep, or choose to add more playtime hours on and stretch the end of day scene, into a longer scene. 

Shopping Day with Mistress Michelle 


You would love some company and advice when shopping, or perhaps you want Mistress to pick out things specifically for you. Whether it’s shopping for kinky toys, CD clothing or other needs, having Mistress go with you is a lot more fun. We can visit a mall, some random stores, and so on, followed by or breaking for a nice lunch out. We can try things on of course and I will help you expertly choose

all of the right items for you. 

Shopping Session with Mistress Michelle


Shopping is more fun when Mistress Michelle has you plugged, in chastity, wearing female panties under your clothes, and more. Whether she is helping you shop for your own needs or you are taking Mistress shopping while carrying her bags and being her bitch, this is one shopping trip you will never forget. Mistress is an expert in making sure you feel beneath her and possibly publicly humiliating you, without causing unwanted public attention. 

Feminine Outing with Mistress Michelle


Dress in your best. We will get our nails done and a pedicure together. Massages. Shopping. We can also take a trip to the hair salon. Get fit for a bra the right way by experts. Have a nice lunch together. Girl time has never been more fun. This outing can optionally incorporate themes of humiliation, degradation and loss of power depending on your kinky interests and goals, or we can ditch the kink and just have girl-time.

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