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Captive. Tormented by the beautiful Head Mistress, and her partners in crime, Isobel Devi and more. Abandoned in captivity, wondering when she will return, and what awaits you. Hearing the other captives being tormented, in other private rooms and growing more excited and fearful simultaneously. Feeling the restraints, so nice and tight. There is no escape for 4 hours, and you will endure whatever she and her female friends wish. See the process, and read the FAQ to see if this is the event for you. 



Arrive at your instructed time

You will arrive at Eden Studios, at your instructed time. You must never be late. No two prisoners shall ever meet. You will be stripped, belongings locked in a locker with your inmate number on it. Led to a private room where you will be imprisoned, and given the strict rules.


Your torment room

Your room of torment will include everything Mistress has prepared ahead of time, for your captivity. Your torment toys and the torments itself, depend on your interests and limits, and how she chooses to use them for her pleasure. Your door will remain open always unless she needs to walk another captive past. 



Your captivity

Once you are put into a bound situation (bondage, cage, restraints, chains, etc), Mistress will torment you for a time, and abandon you in your captivity, to torment others. You will have no concept of time as you are left to wiggle in your predicament. If Mistress has not taken away your sense of hearing, you may be able to hear the other captives being tormented in their private locations. Depending on your bondage, she may decide to put you into a different position of captivity also. 



Mistress will have a dominant female friend checking on you, or a visiting known Mistress friend, and if you are lucky, she will choose to tease and torment you herself.  Your interests and limitations as well as your inmate number will be printed in large bold print beside you on the wall, for this reason. If Mistress has felt that she has exhausted an activity with you, she will cross it off of your chart. 

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At the end of your time, Mistress will release you from your captivity. She may have her assistant Guardess, assist in freeing you from your bondage. You will be given water if needed, time to come down from subspace, and a shower if required. All captives leave at different times, just as they come in at different times. 


Q. I love Femdom, but I'm not a hardcore bondage guy. Is BOUND for me?

A: Bound is not just for people who love restrictive bondage. Anyone into being imprisoned and left to stir, is perfect for BOUND. You can be a sissy who is tied up and tormented, made to listen to sissy audio reprogramming while abandoned. You can be a submissive who loves food play, who will be left restrained and covered in pudding. You can be a slave who is beaten and then locked back into a cage for later use. The important thing is that you VERY MUCH enjoy captivity, femdom activities and abandonment/imprisonment. If you do not love all 3, you will not be a good fit for this event. 

Q: What kinds of activities are done to me when I am captive?

A: Anything within your interests and limitations can be done to you. The sky is the limit. Bondage lovers might love sensory deprivation, electrics. Others may love being left with scented panties over their face, or have to worship feet or heels. Some may enjoy gs. Others may love a leather or latex gloved hand over their mouth or gag hole. Corporal punishment in between being shackled/caged. Your regular session interests will be done at this event. If you are not sure if something can be done, just ask.  

Q: I love bondage. This seems like the perfect event for me. Is it?

A: You would be the ideal person for an event like this, if you love bondage and sensory deprivation. Even better if bondage itself is orgasmic to you and you could be in it for hours left to just FEEL it. This is your event. Objectification enthusiasts, this is a great event for you. Choose to be placed in the exhibitionist room as human furniture, as Mistresses flutter by you. 

Q: I'm not really submissive but I love bondage. Can I attend?

A: Yes. Bondage bottoms are welcome to attend. 

Q: Can you please explain how I will be in privacy, but in a group setting?

A: Have you ever wished that you were a part of a hot femdom event but too nervous/scared to be seen by other male subs? Subs arriving at specific times, a certain amount of time apart, will give each sub their own privacy arriving as well as when leaving. Being put into different private rooms where only the Mistresses can visit but not anyone else (everyone will be captive in their own area) gives you this privacy also. Even if a sub wishes to spend more than the 4 hours in captivity, you will ONLY be leaving at a similar time as only 1 other male, and we know who that is. With multiple bathrooms, 3 different entries/exits, and ONLY being escorted around by a Mistress, you won't have to worry about seeing anyone else. The exciting part is that you CAN hear one another's torment and Mistress speaking to them in some instances, which can be VERY thrilling, and they can hear YOUR torment, if you are loud enough. 

Q: I'm not shy, in fact, I'm an exhibitionist. It would be so cool to be there in the same room as others so I am constantly seen and can see them. Can this happen?

A: For those who are exhibitionists in this way, you will be kept in a special location ONLY with another person who is also a similar exhibitionist. You won't be interacting with that sub whatsoever, just in the same room. Interacting with another sub is possible if that sub also wants to interact with you, which as you can imagine, needs to be figured out ahead of time between you and the other sub. 

Q: What do you mean by "private rooms?"

A: My private dungeon has 4 different private rooms, all of which will be set up ahead of time with the items needed for the torment of each prisoner. Your room might have a cage, a bondage chair/table, furniture and toys specific for your captivity. In certain situations, you might be led into another empty room for another part of your torment. 

Q: Who are your friends that will be visiting my room? Can I have my own Mistress be a part of this?

A: Your own personal Mistress can be a part of this, if I approve of who it is. Your arrangement with her is not of my involvement in terms of her compensation, etc. Otherwise, I will be personally seeing to your captivity and torment. Another experienced professional Mistress might be in town visiting who might be a part of this (it would be announced if so). Likely, a local Mistress will be the assistant. It will be someone attractive who is only allowed to do basic torments within their skillset. I also have the ability for a highly-attractive CD Mistress to be a part of this, should she be requested. (She is by request only, and only tormenting those who request her and she does not require compensation but a tip is appreciated). 

Q: What if I don't like being abandoned? What if I get bored?

A: You should only sign up for this event if you've had experience being left alone by a Mistress during play and you enjoy this. You will never be left alone for 1 hour at a time, but abandonment is 100% a part of the experience and a theme. You might be tormented for 20 min, left alone for 15, tormented for 5, left alone for 10, tormented for 10, left alone for 35. It's all mixed up. If you aren't sure, have never tried it and want to try anyway, and you hate it, you have options. Your first option is leaving. There are no refunds. Your second is being hooded for privacy and brought into a room and restrained where other male subs are exhibitionists and enjoy being watched and watching, and you can "watch the show" while restrained in a chair for the rest of your time there and just be a fly on the wall, watching a live femdom experience. Otherwise, you cannot eat up all of the time of the Mistresses. It is unfair. 

Q: I love tight bondage, hoods and gags. How will I be kept safe?

A: I will never abandon anyone while they are in an unsafe gag or any situation where they could be harmed. Should I decide to leave someone with a restrictive gag they enjoy/wish to try (as an example), they will be monitored by assistant/another Mistress who can get them out of this gag if necessary,  for the duration of my absence. Doors are left open, not only for the thrills of hearing others, but so we can also hear distress. Tight bondage can have time limitations and that will always be checked on. Captives will always be checked on, even if you cannot see your Guardess, she will be around checking on you. In one wing, 2 small rooms are next to one another which is great for this. I will not be putting multiple people in potentially risky situations during the same time of their stay. 

Q: What is the cost?

A: The cost is $1,400 for your 4 hour stay. 5 hours is $1,650. 6 hours is $1,800.

A tip for my 1 female assistant is mandatory at $25 for each hour of your stay.

Q: How is this....sanitary?

A: I am using gloves for a lot of the play and tossing them between captives, as well as hand sanitizer. Gloves and sanitizer are in each room. Each room has sanitized toys, furniture and gear needed for each captive, placed there in advance which doesn't leave. 

Q: Can I bring my own toys and gear?

A: Yes of course. 

Q: What RULES will I be given upon arrival?

A: Some easy to follow protocol which will keep everyone there in a good headspace, as well as keep people from hearing unnecessary, unwanted vanilla chat, and keep everyone's privacy intact.

Q: Can I bring a snack? Check my phone bc of something important?

A: Of course. 

Q: Can I leave a little early bc of ____ reason?

A: Yes but there are no refunds on unused time. 

Q: What if I cancel?

A: If you cancel before 48 hours, 50% can be used towards a future event or towards a private session at my session rates. If under 48 hours, you unfortunately lost the funds. It's a limited space event. It sells out. I cannot fill your space last minute with someone who wanted to go, it's too late for them to drive or fly in to replace you. 

Q: How many captives will be there?

A: I cannot have more than 4 captives at once, with my female Domme assistant. The only way I can have 4+ is with a second highly-experienced professional Mistress and my assistant. This event sells out at 4 captives. 

Q: I want / I DO NOT want photos and videos of me taken. 

A: Anyone who is against photos and videos being taken of their experience will have a red sticker both on their door AND on their chart which is next to them on the wall. This is to remind any visiting Guardess. Anyone else who is OK with photos and videos, your face is never in any (unless hooded) and if you have a recognizable tattoo, I capture from an angle where it's hidden or will place something over it. Privacy is always respected, as is always the case in all of my events and private appointments. 

Q: I want suspension/vac bed/elaborate bondage. Is this possible?

A: This is highly unlikely because of the timing and energy involved in pulling something like that off here. If that is requested and approved, the suspension/elaborate bondage would have to be during the final hour of the entire event, you'd be the last to show up, and the last to leave and it would be an extra fee. 

Q: Am I going to be kept in the same position for all 4 hours? What about needing to use the restroom?

A: There are 2 restrooms. There are also catheters for those into medical. Only in select circumstances will you be in the same position for all of your time. Likely, you will be moved into 2 captive positions in your room, or your position will be altered several times. I'm a bondage expert, so if I sense that you can't be in a position any longer, I will be changing you. I MIGHT even put you into another room if the room is empty because someone left and that room is now clean and sanitized or because it wasn't occupied to begin with. 

Q: Can I make an important phone call in a place that is quiet?


A: Yes. There is a room away from everything, buffered by other non-session rooms, which contains lockers where your stuff is kept. This room is the perfect room for this. 



Q: Will anyone else be around? 


A: At some events, I might have a long-time, trusted, respectful house slave. If I DO have a house slave, he is not allowed in the "private wing" of the dungeon. The "private wing" is blocked by a curtain and consists of several rooms, the entrance/locker area, and a bathroom where captives who require private rooms will be held, and where people will enter and sometimes exit the facility, unseen. His only allowed roaming locations are the 1 open area away from the private wing, where exhibitionist captives are who love to be watched and to watch others, the laundry area, kitchen and back of the studio. His purpose is to silently be within earshot of me for cleaning of empty rooms and collecting all used toys for sanitation, grabbing me a beverage, helping me find something 

Q: How do I apply?

A: Give us your interests, limits, length of time desired to be BOUND and captured for us, and availability. When is the earliest you could arrive? When is the latest you'd have to leave? We need to see where to place you. For example, we might need a captive to arrive at 2pm and if that aligns with your free time that day, we would select you for the timeframe. 

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