The Hideaway

         Long Island, NY

The Hideaway is a private dungeon I own in Long Island, NY.

It is located on the Nassau/Suffolk border, near the LIRR, an hour from NYC. The Hideaway is a fully equipped dungeon in an upper middle-class, safe and quiet neighborhood. 

People love coming here for a number of reasons. One reason, is because they feel like they are in a sexy and erotic "evening" appointment, even in the middle of the day, as there are only a few covered windows in the studio which give the feeling of "evening."  So even if you can only sneak away from the world at 10am, it feels like a magical 10pm evening with your Mistress is about to begin. 

Another reason they love coming here, is because they don't have to worry about finding a place to park as they do in NYC, which sometimes is very time consuming and costly. Why go all the way to NYC when there's an equipped dungeon in your own backyard, featuring a world-class Mistress?

Often people come from CT, NJ and Brooklyn, despite NYC being a lot closer, due to how easy it is to get here, park and play without the added stress and chaos. 

The Hideaway is hidden in plain sight, and a wonderful escape into submission and fantasy.

I no longer live in NY and am mostly in South Florida, but I take appointments here every 2-3 months. DO be sure to book me before I leave for my tour, so I can pack necessary toys which might be special to your appointment. I have many toys at the HideAway, but most of my collection is in South Florida and I pack based on my NY appointments. 

Special Mentions:

-Saint Andrews Cross

-Spanking bench

-Bondage table

-build-in-wall massive slave cage

-Prison cell 

-Motorized medical bed and segufix restraint system

-Motorized dental chair for fun bondage scenes. 

-dog cage


-Shower /bathroom