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Corporal Punishment- Punishing the male for his insubordination is necessary, and always brings a smile to my face. One must suffer the consequences of their actions, with a proper sentence, delivered with a stern and accurate hand. Can you handle a corporal punishment appointment? Paired with interrogation and time in lock-up, this is sure to be a memorable delivering of justice.  


Impact play- For the beginner masochist who wants to try taking some mild pain sensations, to the experienced heavy masochist who wants his limits pushed, impact play is what you need and I am here to deliver. Spankings to leather straps, floggers of different softnesses, and a plethora of canes and whips for different sensations, you are in the hands of one of the most skilled impact-play enthusiasts in the industry. I will teach you proper breathing techniques if necessary, and push you in the ways you need to be pushed, safely and skillfully. Let’s go to places you’ve always wanted to go. I will show you how to work on your pain tolerance while I enjoy every minute of watching you suffer. 

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