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Sissification- It’s no surprise that you just walk around with a man costume on all day, when really you’re a sissy, weak for the commands of Mistress. Mistress knows who you really are, slut, and she is going to ensure that you become the best sissy she has ever had in her dungeon. After we throw that man costume away, Mistress will feminize you as much as she deems fit. The more feminine you are, the happier I am! Panties! Stockings! Ruffles! Bows! Pinks and purples! Let’s grab the petticoat and make you even MORE over the top! How fun!  OH MY! How do we make it even MORE feminine? No trace of masculinity will be left by the time I am done with you, and then your training will properly begin. Will you be a dungeon sissy maid for Mistress, or her trained slut? What paths will we walk down? Don’t forget, we need that clit LOCKED UP in chastity, because that doesn’t belong to you anymore. You serve Mistress now! Don’t even get me started on my DIAPERED sissies!

Do I love sissification? Check out my Sissy Weekend!

Crossdressing submission- We both know that she needs to come out from time to time, and I love bringing out the woman in you. In here, she can come out and play all she wants. Let’s make her pretty, try new make-up. Maybe we do some nails today. Finding the perfect outfit is fun and the right heels? The icing on the cake! Does she want to try a new hair color today? Walking in heels is always a good lesson, as is the right feminine mannerisms. I cannot wait to see her shine! But she’s got a naughty secret doesn’t she? She’s kinky and submissive, and needs a firm Mistress to dominate her and turn her into a pretty little toy for her pleasure. 



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