Now you can text with me, your favorite and most addictive Dominatrix!

To text with me:

I am so delighted to announce a new, great website which makes communication before an appointment with me, or communication from afar a LOT of fun, (also educational). It's a new, safe website called sextpather. Sextpanther allows you to not only call, but send me text messages. How does this work? Is it private? Safe? YES! Keep reading!

Once you sign up for a sextpanther account, you are now an anonymous caller/texter to other users of the site. No one ever sees your actual phone number. You can contact me there with a text or call and we can talk. I can give you a fun assignment, or you can simply say hello from a fan! I don't see anything but the username you choose (slaveJohnSmith) and the faux number that forwards to your phone. You can turn your ability to accept calls and messages on and off whenever you wish.

Some people ask me questions about BDSM or about an appointment they may wish to book with me. Others want to be given naughty and fun instructions and assignments leading up to their appointments. Sometimes someone just wants to say something nice who has been a fan for a long time. It's amazing!

Imagine your work day being just a little bit brighter sneaking in some texts to your Mistress. Imagine being able to ask a lot of questions about an upcoming appointment but feeling like you should be compensating for the time of the Mistress by doing so. Imagine I am sending you hot images, or ordering you to send me images, such as me checking that you are still locked in chastity or wearing panties. Or maybe I want to see that you remember the slavery positions I taught you. The sky is the limit.

Now some of you may be thinking, "well, I can chat on niteflirt." We HATE niteflirt chat! We cannot set a price for what we want to charge per text and we don't receive it in text message form, only through the website chat page making it more annoying to use. We also do not get paid if we cannot respond to a message in 24 hours or less, so many of us don't even bother with it. Sextpanther however is easy for everyone to use, safe, and we can set our own rates for texts, pictures and videos.

I've been using it for a little more than a year now, and I must say that it's the next best thing to being in my dungeon.

To text with me:

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