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Back from Mexico

I am back from Wicked Retreats in Mexico and ready to conquer the world, one sub at a time.

My personal Delray studio is very much usable but for the next few weeks may have a few neat piles of equipment and event items which are being sorted. I only have so much space. This should start clearing out in Dec and be finished by Christmas.

BOUND (my bondage and captivity event) has NOT been forgotten about. Obtaining the new estate had suddenly taken up all of my time. I will likely be able to focus on having another Bound with dates in mid Feb, and will plan on having them regularly as I had planned. Unfortunately I had to drop the ball for various complicated reasons. Stay tuned.

I will likely be flying to NY in the next few weeks and driving a rental truck back down with the rest of the items from my NY dungeon. Do let me know if you have a truck and could help make this voyage less expensive. The jail cell, slave wall cage and other things will be brought down in anticipation of obtaining the new estate. Should it not happen (looks great so far) I will install them in my studio in Delray.

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