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Events at the New Estate

The new website for the estate will not be done for at least 2 months. However, many people are already asking me when events and parties would be for 2023 so they can plan.

These are dates which are highly likely to be set in stone and are for some of the events and parties. A few more will be added.

-First weekend of May is SISSY WEEKEND immersive event, followed by additional optional nights of sissy-ness with the Mistresses, we call "PINK WEEK." Info will be updated on . This MIGHT be moved to the previous weekend but I would know in the next couple of weeks.

-June 10th Weekend: Mistress Michelle's 40th birthday Femdom Party / Grand Opening celebration, ALL WEEKEND LONG. Come celebrate a new era in Femdom. All archetypes of people are welcome (slave, sub, bottom, fetishist, Mistress, Top, Switch, etc).

-Last Saturday of September: High Protocol Dinner and Play party, followed by additional days and nights of servitude. This is a high protocol, service-oriented slavery environment.

-October 29th (Sunday): Halloween Masquerade Garden Party (percentage of proceeds will go to charity). Additional day to stay and play, optional and to be announced (we are 4 hours drive from NOLA and Domcon NOLA is that weekend, ending that Sunday). All archetypes of people are welcome to attend (slave, sub, bottom, fetishist, Mistress, Top, Switch, etc).

-First weekend of November the ALL NEW INDOMITUS! A new slavery immersive event, heavily based on the legendary Order of Indomitus estate events. Additional days and nights are available for the rest of the week's stay in what we call FEMDOM WEEK.

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