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As many know, I have a 5+ acre estate in total seclusion where I hold world-famous femdom events called the Order Of Indomitus, where mostly men and sometimes other gender identities come to serve Mistresses in a world we create where women rule. This estate is the former home of Clubdom. com one of the largest and most famous femdom filming companies in the world.

After having the events since 2015 at that location, they began to out-grow the environment and the growth I desired was stunted by the limits of the location. With life changing, I decided to sell the event home and move onto other things in life.

I always dreamed of having a new, larger, better home for my events, and various other related events I throw at other locations, as well as for my Dominatrix School and other ventures. While looking around day-dreaming, not in a serious manner, already having other things for my life planned, I suddenly found a needle in a haystack property.

This property was unbelievable. While it needed some work done little by little, it was quite possibly, achievable. The new property is on almost the same size acreage as the other location, but contains 10 bedrooms (12 if you count and use 2 additional rooms like the den and study) and 9,000 sq ft of space, The home can sleep almost 30 guests COMFORTABLY in beds.

It is also WATERFRONT on a sparkling bay filled with dolphins playing and eagles flying overhead, which is not only gorgeous and scenic, but also provides some nice activities for guests staying at the estate like paddle boarding, kayaks, boating, fishing and more. White sand beaches are minutes away as are restaurants, and 2 airports are also well under 30 minutes away. Additional affordable lodging for bigger events and parties is minutes away.

Most of the new estate is private in the outdoor realm of things, and the very few spaces that are not, can be made private quite easily.

The new estate is about a 5 hour drive from Atlanta, 4 from New Orleans and 8hrs from myself in the Boca/Delray area of Florida.

I decided to buy the location but it is not without enormous hard work, lots of financial difficulties (Florida HOI is 3-5x the normal rates right now, and interest rates for loans are way up). I will be working very hard, and living very frugally, but it is to accomplish a dream. A dream many of you share with me, and that is making a version of Exit to Eden, a reality.

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