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Huge Changes in late 2024 and beyond

Updated: Jun 6

Over the past 5 years, I have thought about how and when I should retire. Should I fully retire? Semi-retire? Or change up how I accept appointments entirely?

I decided, to change how I take appointments entirely. Not just yet, but soon, and have been planning and working for it ever since.

I first began this career at the age of 23 years old. Now that I am 40, life has vastly changed. The adventures I have had, have been incredible. The people have met, and the lives I have touched and changed, I wouldn't trade it for the world. As my notoriety grew, so did the demand on my schedule. I soon became one of the busiest dominatrices in my industry, with a waiting list on some days, for people to cancel, so eager patrons could have a chance to get into my schedule. I was blessed with a career, where all I had to do was say "wow it is very quiet" and it would rain appointments from the sky, since the beginning.

While my world was constantly filled with all of the BDSM I could ever ask for, my other hobbies, interests and goals, often fell off. When so many incredible people want to schedule you, you often put off hobbies such as playing instruments, taking nice trips and seeing those you love. You eventually put those things off so much, you lose yourself, and you are just a one-dimensional being, who exists for the enjoyment of others. Raising my rates time and time again, did cool my schedule off a bit, but there often times, was still a demand, as sometimes a week or up to 2 weeks would be utterly booked solid.

This was an incredible "problem" to have. I very much enjoyed and still enjoy, the incredible places I take my subs and myself, in our appointments. Yet, something needs to shift, so I can continue to enjoy that time, and also happily juggle the other ventures I have set off on, and the many I'd still love to do. My hope is that when my schedule gets to this new stage in 2025, I will have a lot of amazing people in my life, joining me for that ride.

As I have gotten older, the running to the dungeon for appointment after appointment has been great but also a bit dull, and I have been craving the opening up of my world in a much larger way. I want to have long and immersive experiences, travel, and see more of the world, and really dive into my passions in BDSM in a very artistic way. I also very much want to teach.

Starting January 8th 2025, I will have a new schedule, posted on my schedule page. On some days, I will be accepting same-day appointments, without any same-day fees. This is because I plan on being at my studio already, ready to go, while working on other kinky projects. Other days will require the usual 24hrs notice or else same-day fees still apply.

2024 will be the last time that I take appointments in the method that I will be taking them, at my home studio. (Touring is a different matter and will be explained). For example, booking a 1 or 2 hr appointment, or so, on a random day and time which works, is a typical method. 2024 will also see the launch of Mentorship Mondays, a mentorship zoom class for new Mistresses, and subs too. Also the launching of my dominatrix school which was originally launched in Jan 2020 but halted from the pandemic.

2025 will see a major shift in my studio (renovations, decor, etc), my website and my offerings, in order to reflect this new situation for 2025. I could use anyone who has carpentry experience and could assist with a kitchen renovation, and some other things.

2025 and beyond, will also see the re-launch of my exclusive femdom events and galas.

But I will not be having those forever, in fact, I only plan on having those for a few years, so it's best to join now or else you won't have a chance.

2025 will launch in a big way, my Loyalfans (and I will continue on onlyfans until everyone is finally gone from that horrible platform) and you will see the sneak peaks of the creative projects that I have going on.

I also no longer see anyone without references. I LOVE first-timers. I love being their first experience! But I've had too many awful threats to my safety, stalkers etc and now I can't take a chance.

2025 will see a massive shift in my life and career. I will be traveling around more and offering appointments during wonderful trips and adventures, as well as when home. Exclusive experiences with me (beginning in 2024) will be launched. Appointments will take place on only 2 designated days of the week when I am home at my studio, with an optional 3rd day for only rare, complicated schedules. The biggest change, will be on the minimum cost of appointments that I take. There will be a certain fee to book as a minimum, and the time spent can be broken up into 2 different days that week, and different hours of experiences. For example, it could be a 4.5 hour long scene in 1 day, or a dinner followed by a 2hr scene one day, and another 2hr scene another day, in the same week. Or 3 hours of lunch and shopping followed by 2 hours of dungeon time. But the min cost will be in effect.

It is sad that I will lose those I already see, and those who have not yet booked me, due to the change. But after 17 years, and jumping for everyone else, and their needs and schedules, I need to do whats best for my own life. It is not yet determined if I will accept any shorter sessions at all and I have thought about offering them on occasion, on a particular day.

Touring will pick up again in 2024, but slow way down again in the future. So make the most of seeing me in 2024 while it lasts. Touring sessions do not have a minimum amount of hours at this time but may be changed to a 2hr minimum.

If you've always wanted to see me for an hour or so, definitely get on that in 2024, before my 2025 change happens.

Stick along, as it will be a wild ride.

-Mistress Michelle

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