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Slavery and letting slaves go

Slavery to a Mistress requires a lot of work for both people involved, to make the relationship work efficiently. Mistresses have a certain expectation of slaves who are fortune enough to serve her. Mistresses are also fortunate, to have a loyal, obedient and efficient slave in her life.

Having a presence in this lifestyle and industry for almost 17 years, traveling to many different places, and meeting the vast amount of people I have met, I have accepted some of those people to be personal slaves of mine. Some have lived near. Some have lived far. At times I have had live-in slaves. Slaves have been able to serve my needs and desires in many different ways. Some have been able to serve fairly frequently, others only in rare occasions pertaining to their distance and lack of availability due to their daily lives.

I have appreciated all of my slaves, cherished our time together and our experiences. I do understand that life circumstances may cause a slave to have to step back from slavery responsibilities for a time. Life is very unpredictable.

This week I have had a conversation with a few of my slaves and I have decided to amicably part ways in my M/s relationship with several of them. Just because our relationship has changed, does not mean I am never speaking to them again, nor do I have any hard feelings. I will always be happy to be in touch with them, have a lunch sometime if we are in the same city, and so on.

The reason I decided to let these slaves go is because they have not been available to serve me in my life for quite a very long time and the relationship isn't serving me anymore. Not being able to serve me anymore, but holding a title as my collared slave, and interacting with me online in public spaces (such as social media), it gives the impression that I have 12 slaves when that is very far from reality. It blocks potential slaves who would be a good fit, from wanting to have this beautiful relationship with me. It is also not fair to me, to have many "slaves" who are not in service, but enjoy holding that title and consistently sharing it publicly. Please know that I have not "dismissed" slaves for poor behavior in this particular case, merely had to discuss with them that due to so many life changes, they have now face the fact that they not only haven't been in my life, but also have no idea when they can be in the future. This has been causing me to wait too long and rely on relationships and service which are absent with no knowing when or if they will go back into a service mode.

A slave is someone who should be able to be a consistent, helpful part of my life, completely devoted to me. While things happen and people need time away from their service to tend to lifes many curveballs, they should have intentions of coming back into their service role. If they cannot spend a lot of time with me in person due to distance, than they should be somewhat regularly taking care of my needs and serving me from afar.

Examples of servitude needs:

-Cleaning, running errands, fixing things if capable

-Researching different necessary helpful situations

-performing online work/organization for Mistress

-Treating Mistress to nice things, sending dinner funds, spa funds,

-Learning very professional skills in order to make my life easier (massage training,

learning photo editing, video editing, or other skills which take a lot of time and dedication).

-Being a financial help.

If a slave lives very far away but offers a dedicated, consistent act of service (examples above), on a time-line we discuss, this is ok in some instances, as the frequency of the service is known and there are no false expectations. For example I had a British slave who would always touch base once a month providing an act of service, video interaction and a tribute towards my life, taking care of Mistress. He was a wonderful, obedient loyal slave despite the distance and I had collared him after a time. I had no false expectations that this would be more frequent. He did what he promised to do in his service.

Do know that if you are not able to be a part of the life of your Mistress, you are not being a good slave to her and you should likely have a conversation about it with her.

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