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The New Estate is ON! Help me support it if you can.

After working so incredibly hard, at the end of January 2023, it will be finalized and the new Estate will be MINE!!!!

We will be living out Femdom dreams there, that have never been done befpre, that I know about in the USA at the very least.

This estate will also help me create vanilla ventures for other businesses over time.

The new estate creates many options. Options create balance. Balance is the key to longevity in any career.

This new estate has helped form a plan for the next year of my life, which has set up a goal for 2024 that I was aiming for. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is, to feel purpose and determination again, after life has crushed my soul and spirit and my heart for such a long time.

This will be a costly endeavor and I am investing every penny I make to create this dream. Should you wish to help, please consider donating. Donating comes with many perks.

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